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    Muad'Dib reacted to mrbellamy in Lincoln FILM Discussion Thread   
    Release date: November 9th (limited), November 16th (wide) - http://www.deadline....ielberg-disney/
    So I guess that means score samples in October!
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    Muad'Dib reacted to BLUMENKOHL in Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Rises   
    I think Elliot Goldenthal (think in Heat mode) would have been the best choice for Nolan's Dark Knight Series.
    Elfman's Batman would be out of place. Trevor Jones would be good, but his music is all the same.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Miguel Andrade in New Williams piece, "Rounds" for guitar, to be premiered today [UPDATE: Studio recording released September 11 2015]   
    The full piece is performed.
    It is a wonderful work. I just felt like the time stopped and all there was in the world was the sound of the guitar. Really a terrific piece.
    Can't wait to have it published, as I have someone who will have the time of his life performing it
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Jay in Video Game Music   
    OMG Quest For Glory, wow!
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    Muad'Dib reacted to TownerFan in The Maurizio Appreciation Thread   
    Guys, you made me blush... really. Your warmness is touching.
    EDIT: Ok, you got me guys, I can't resist this showcase of love
    Let's say that I won't go away, but I'll take more of a lurker attitude, contributing only when I'll have something interesting to say and share (which is more or less what I've always done). Probably I overreacted a bit this morning, I don't know. But I've learned again today that this place is special.
    Thanks to you all.
    "End Title, End Cast" from Jaws 2
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Brónach in Williams Director Collaborations   
    Really? Munich, drops of War of the Worlds! Of course he could do it. He's got a pretty big musical arsenal.
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    Muad'Dib got a reaction from Once in Williams Director Collaborations   
    I'd love if he did his upcoming Gravity.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Once in Williams Director Collaborations   
    Alfonso Cuarón.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to JoeinAR in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    Inception is overrated claptrap. IMHO, it's another overly praised underwhelming effort from Nolan who excels at underwhelming.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Koray Savas in Williams Director Collaborations   
    Ron Howard
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Quintus in The Hobbit Film Trilogy Thread   
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    Muad'Dib got a reaction from Not Mr. Big in Time for a good ol' fashion poll   
    Tintin, for me. It's the one I'm revisiting the most, right now... War Horse comes a close second, and KOTCS third.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to MSM in Williams' Most Personal Pieces   
    You picked my favorite JW piece of all time
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    Muad'Dib reacted to airmanjerm in Williams Bassoon Concerto performance at Miami University in Oxford, OH - July 8th   
    If anyone is in the area on July 8th, Christopher McFarlane will be performing the Five Sacred Trees (with piano accompaniment) at 8:00 p.m. at Hall Auditorium at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. McFarlane is the principal bassoonist of the United States Marine Band, one of the finest musical organizations in the country.
    The concert is free and no tickets are required. The performance is part of the International Double Reed Society’s Annual Conference.
    You can read the official announcement here.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to TownerFan in Williams' Most Personal Pieces   
    Music critic Richard Dyer said it more eloquently than any other could:
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    Muad'Dib reacted to theBT in Youtube clips   
    Damn I hate songs, words. Popular music.
    Nothing happened to Star Wars. They are just movies for kids.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to wanner251 in Ok time to get squishy...   
    I just want to say how thankful I am for a forum like this one. It is so amazingly wonderful to know that there are people out there that are as artfully passionate as myself. You guys totally "get it" and I just want to say thank you for coming together. :-)
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Matt C in What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)   
    The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938)
    There's just something magical and simple about this film that makes it a joy to revisit over and over again. Basil Wrathbone is a deliciously evil Gisbourne, Claude Rains is a fun, hammy Sheriff, and Olivia de Havilland and Errol Flynn are a magnetic screen couple. Korngold's score isn't just a valuable asset to the film, but a character onto itself. A great Golden Age film.
    And I think this movie epitomizes what is so great about the early Technicolor films. Gone With the Wind and The Wizard of Oz get most of that credit, but not enough goes to Robin Hood.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Jay in Another Spielberg possibility: Robopocalypse   
    Well, as of right now Robopocalypse is still "A Steven Spielberg Film"....
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Corellian2019 in What movies make you emotional or cry by their craftmanship?   
    La Strada. I swear that ending can make grown men cry like babies
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    Muad'Dib reacted to who cares in James Horner - The Amazing Spider-man   
    Just like drums are unmistakably drummer.
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Jay in Boston Concerts (June 1/2) Meetup Information   
    The meetup was a huge success!
    In the afternoon myself, my girlfriend Marcy, and Ren hung out around Boston. We walked to the Trinity Church and then down Newbury street, going in and out of some shops, before returning to the Symphony Hall area and getting a big table for 12 people at Uno's, which they nicely put for us in this kind of side room away from the main area.
    There people came in one or 2 at a time for the next few hours: First slambodog and his mother, then obiwan71, then ET&Elliot4Ever with the guy he had bought his ticket from - a guy named Jordan from Ottawa, who used to post around 2004ish apparently. Then foxfan with a guest, then rpvee with someone (his mother?), and finally another frenchman named Regis (I never found out if he posted here).
    So there was 4 New Englanders (me, Marcy, Justin/ET&Elliot Forever, and Ren), 2 Parisians (obiwan71, Regis), 2 Canadians (Jordan from Ottawa, and Foxfan), slambodog and his mother from New York..... an eclectic group to be sure! We discussed Williams, Goldsmith, Courage, the new guitar concerto (which we thought was premiering at the concert we were going to), Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and the previous night's concert (which obiwan71 had attended). And a lot of talk about autographs - how to get them, who's gotten them from Williams, what other autograph's people have, whether or not we'd be able to get them tonight, etc. The server, Christopher was awesome, multiple drink and food orders constantly over a 3 hour period, splitting everything into different checks for each group, etc. The food at Uno's seemed to be universally liked (its definitely one of the better American chain restaurants). A super-success over all!
    I had the waiter take a bunch of pics of all of us at the table, so I'll be sure to post them asap!
    I'll post my thoughts on the concert itself in the concert thread, but the quick version is I thought it was one of the best ones out of the 5 I've been to!
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    Muad'Dib reacted to Jay in I fixed the like buttons!!!   
    Try 'em out, they work now!
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