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  1. He was accused of sexual misconduct, and JJ Rowling is openly transphobic. This is a toxic marriage made in heaven.
  2. Speaking of figurines... @Quintus https://necaonline.com/2020/02/jaws-8-clothed-action-figure-sam-quint/
  3. Female rolls? You mean the fatties?
  4. You have a girlfriend? That's wonderful.
  5. The Prime interface on my 8 year old blu-ray player is absolute garbage. But on my three year old smart TV, it's very nice. Not as good as Netflix but close. The Disney+ interface is still hot garbage. The continue watching menu is buried many rows down, and even clicking on a show on the front page takes you directly to the next episode itself, not the menu for the show itself. Sometimes Disney+ forgets what episode you are actually at, and starts you several back. So you need to hunt for the menu for the show to reevaluate where you are.
  6. I have zero interest in Wanda vision. Neither character is interesting enough to carry a show on their own.
  7. She's a strange thing for sure.
  8. I'll double down. I can't wait until Roman Polanski joins him.
  9. This is Lana Clarkson, the 40 year old woman that Phil Spector shot and killed in 2003. Why does a then-64 year old man murder a 40 year old woman? The world is a better place with a dead Phil Spector in it.
  10. Purple people eaters practice on purple pillows. Another racist product. Nude is white, but what about nude black people's asses?
  11. Because that's what the news does. They report on what people Tweet.
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