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  1. I'm buying less new albums in all genres, but I still spend a lot of time curating my collection.
  2. I'm not familiar with those Stephen Fry books but I will put them on my wish list. Maybe I'll just reread Bullfinch's Mythology as a start.
  3. Narcissistic much? You made this thread to brag about a public library app, and now you're name calling those who disapprove. You're sad.
  4. And then after I explore the first two additional areas a little, then I check my map to find the series of islands south of the first area, which Hermes' storyline doesn't take us to. At first, those purple bad guys are tough... Now I eat chimeras and gryphons for lunch.
  5. I like that the weapons do not break. No, the environment is not as interesting, and the lack of weather effects and FIRE is a let down. The only environmental penalties seem to be stamina drainers. But the color scheme is adorable and the more varied set of monsters is appreciated. I like that enemies can inflict friendly fire damage on others that get in the way. Gliding is definitely more useful in this game, and being able to magically summon your horse, kill it, and resummon it again feels at home in the magical world. I fucking hate the lasers.
  6. My wife and I are enjoying Immortals Fenyx Rising. We are taking different orders and have different play styles. I don't care if it's a BotW clone. I'm having a lot fun in this game. I like the combat more.
  7. The movie was handled poorly by the studio.
  8. Ahem. The name of the ship was Serenity. The class was Firefly.
  9. Coke is better than Pepsi. Diet Pepsi is better than Diet Coke. Cherry Pepsi is better than Cherry Coke.
  10. Pepsi is only good over the rocks with a Pizza Hut Book-It personal pan.
  11. Fenyx is a very goofy game. They have a vault that is a pinball machine. I hate the lasers.
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