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  1. I bought an open box TV once. It came without the instructions, remote, 3D glasses, and network dongle, but it was 10" bigger than what I had planned to buy for not much more money. It lasted me about six years before it finally failed. I don't recommend buying a 65" TV unless you have a vehicle large enough to comfortably move it. My new TV is just a tad smaller, and the store hauled away the 110 lb paperweight for a small fee. I have had success with refurbished cameras, keyboards, mice, and other electronics.
  2. who cares

    Pet Peeves

    You're supposed to use the bag as a napkin.
  3. Yes, and he has a big TV for on the toilet, at work, and on the bus/train.
  4. So is Norsemen. The Vikings want to Make Norheim (their Norwegian realm) Great Again.
  5. who cares

    the mstrox thread

    I hate the FSM site. Too many pop-ups and it logs me out any time I'm away from it. My computer. Keep me logged in.
  6. Screw China. Not Taiwan and Tibet, though, they're cool.
  7. I might try this with a DVD that I'm trying to rip to have in my Plex library. I have tried every optical drive and software available to me, but it won't rip. Plays fine, just won't rip.
  8. I don't rush to delete anything. I just have enough hard drive space.
  9. We are done with the first two seasons of the dark, dry, and hysterical Norsemen on Netflix, but I'm sad. The third season is a prequel, and it's not being renewed for a fourth season. But my gods, this is hysterical and highly quotable.
  10. Of course it is! EBay is a legal, internationally recognized marketplace governed by its own rules about what can and cannot be exchanged.
  11. You will learn more than you really need to know.
  12. It was enjoyable. Predictable on a few of the plot points but that's based on knowing Randy. It's the first time that I heard the term "chin diaper."
  13. I had to look up the word wally.
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