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  1. The poll most certainly DOES say "Gandalf the White." I was very specific to say that, and not "Gandalf the Grey" since it is "the Grey" who was defeated by Saruman and killed by the Balrog, and then sent back as "the White" since his task as Istari to defeat Sauron had not been completed. It has always said White and never Grey or no color. And the point is not to say, "oh, well, he'd never fight him since they both fight for good," that's dumb thinking and oh so "inside the box" mentality. I guess no one here has ever seen the X-Men or Justice League or other video games like "Marvel vs. C
  2. Besides, I didn't specify in which contest they would be competing, basically because it really doesn't matter, but to be fair: If the contest is balloon racing, Oz wins hands down. If the contest is turning into powerful animals to defeat another wizard, Merlin will turn into a germ and win hands down. If the contest is sword fighting, I'm sure Gandalf and Merlin could make it interesting. If the contest is playing on a giant chess board or soccer with broomsticks, well, then yippee yay oodalally, I guess Harry Potter wins. And if it is basketball, well, Gandalf wins.
  3. Gandalf the WHITE most certainly does defeat Saruman the WHITE when he frees Theoden from Saruman's grasp, when he kicks Saruman out of Isengard, and I think he defeats him one more time, but I don't remember that aspect of Return of the King that well....besides, I wouldn't want to be accused of "spoiling" anything for people who haven't read the books. And yes, of course, the Wizard of Oz was revealed to be a "humbug" but I wanted only one wizard from each of their respective arenas of fiction. I don't know if Harry Potter would defeat Dumbledore. I don't care if Harry Potter would defeat
  4. It is a little known fact that every year, wizards take place in a Grand Tournament of sorts to determine who is the best/most powerful of their order, coinciding with the National Collegiate Athletic Association's Final Four of basketball. Since wizards do not usually leave their realm and mingle with the world of men for prolonged periods of time, there are very few humans who know of such an event. However, word has leaked out this year because the wizards would like to have an early estimate of which wizard will triumph over the other three, and they need an answer in 18 days. I know the
  5. Possibly, but both the films Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King were huge box office successes by Disney and highly acclaimed. Hook was neither. I personally love Hook, both the film and the score, but I don't think they would succeed. Hook: The Musical would be as well received by a major studio as William Shatner's efforts to get Paramount to give him the funding to go back and fix the special effects shots in Star Trek V to make it as good as a movie as he believes it is, and that's sad. There should be more funding available for directors and composers and people like that to be abl
  6. The uncertainty principle can be used here. As soon as you think you know what it is, the state changes and it is no longer true, and the probabilities are always changing. It's like trying to boil a pot of water while you're watching it. By quantum physics, there are scenarios where just by looking at the pot, the photons reflecting from your eyes are interfering and cancelling out the molecules in the water that are trying to boil, and the pot will never boil.
  7. Thanks, Morn. I beat the demo the other day this week when I shoulda been writing a paper. Once I realized that I didn't need to worry about conserving ammo while flying the helicopter mission taking out the carnivores....well, then, it was on, and I beat it with like a minute to spare. With the other mission, it was just fun to drive around in a landspeeder, do donuts in the grass, run over gallimimus and raptors**, and see how many T-rex's and cacharodontosaurs i could have chase me at once -- four, I think, and those guys don't give up. One of the really neat parts was actually driving
  8. The best line heard on TV in our time: CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? GOOD. :spiny:
  9. Does anyone know where I can get desprite? I looked by depepsi, decoke, dedew, and dedr depepper, but I didn't see it. :spiny:
  10. Possibly, if their visual record is updated. But if it's filed under something like "Generic Species," then it might have collected a lot of dust, since two centuries pass before humans encounter Ferengi again, and for the "official first" time, so it slips their mind. Or, if the conspiracy of which you speak, of the time travelling Borg being repsonsible for the advancement of Starfleet (total utter bull$h!t, but interesting and supported by at least some facts), then it's possible that certain agencies also removed the records of encountering Ferengi from the history books, as well. We'll se
  11. Yea, well, I forgot about other countries not seeing the films for a while. That's why there's things like the Internet and peer2peer services. I lost all respect for respecting spoiler privileges when I bought Episode I's soundtrack and found that Qui-Gon had an "honorable death" and a "funeral." To me, Data is still alive and kicking, and finding mouths on Troi's shoulder. And just think how cool it would be if someone had stolen Lore from wherever he ended up, mildly reprogrammed him to think he's an older, dumber android named B-4, and then sold him to Shinzon and his Reman friends? Proba
  12. Hehe, so do I, tharpdevenport, it just seemed that some of your arguments started getting almost silly...but I guess when it comes to Star Trek and time travel, silly is normal. As for that argument, Morn, I've no idea, honestly. The fact they weren't mentioned as Ferengi seems to make it ok, but then again, for a society to be driven by material wealth, even in the 22nd century in Archer's time, it seems that they should've returned in force to offer spacefaring wares for early Starfleet to purchase, making a lot of profit. Perhaps they felt that their encounter with Archer was not at all p
  13. Releasing information about the movie cannot be considered spoilers for a movie that's been out for two months. Hypothetically, if someone hasn't seen it yet and still doesn't want to know anything about it, like the fact that Data dies or Picard has a clone (both really $h!tty developments in Star Trek), then it's that person's fault. Once a movie is out, it's fair game to talk about freely.
  14. I love the intro montage, too. It's like DS9's, busy. Ever hear Nimoy sing the song about Bilbo Baggins?
  15. I know this doesn't go here, but I've been on a post marathon of sorts this week.........how many posts do I need to be a "regular poster?" Is it based on total number of posts, or frequency of posting?
  16. Awwwww... You're telling me you don't like: It's been a long road getting from there to here It's been a long time but my time is finally near And I will see my dream come alive at last I will touch the sky And they're not gonna hold me down no more No, they're not gonna change my mind 'Cause I've got faith of the heart Goin' where my heart will take me I've got faith to believe I can do anything I've got strenght of the soul And no one's gonna bend or break me I can reach any star I've got faith, I've got faith Faith of the heart (HAHA, I'm sorry, I just had to) I think it grows on you. Gran
  17. Interesting theories, really. Not impossible, and not totally savorable. Could explain why the Hansens were out there nine years before Q introduced Picard to his future roommates. Again, it just makes Star Trek history a giant loop, which I doubt. No way they'll make the Borg responsible for the Federation, they're not that dumb. And besides, the Vulcans wouldn't scan the poles looking for future spacecraft, there's no logic in that. And once found, they wouldn't keep it from humans since it's on Earth, and they wouldn't know what it is, either. Remember, the Vulcans can't digest time
  18. By the way, Annika Hansen is better known as Seven of Nine when she grows up. And boy, does she!
  19. On the contrary. The fact that the film First Contact "screwed with the timeline" by bringing the Borg back to 2061 to try and prevent Zefram Cochrane's historical flight past the Vulcans and into history, and that the Enterprise-E "followed them back and repaired whatever damage they did"....that fact totally allows Enterprise's writers to take advantage of the fact that the Enterprise-E blew up a Borg sphere in Earth orbit in 2061. It is not unreasonable to assume that part of the craft survived the heat of reentry and lay hidden in an obscure corner of the globe for a century before someo
  20. That makes sense. I just watched the part of The Empire Strikes Back from Luke's X-Wing flying in until Luke pushes Vader off the carbon freezing platform, trying to synchronize it with the Special Edition score bit to "Carbon Freeze/et al," as you guys all described. It lost synch after the giant black hand pulled Han's frozen body out of the chamber, since the Special Edition version of this cue includes an additional 45 seconds or so that wasn't in the movie, but by the time Yoda's Theme was adventurous for the first time with Luke and Boba Fett exchanging blaster fire in the hallway, I w
  21. Ok, so maybe it's not really a spoiler in the sense that it gives away the whole plot of an upcoming Enterprise episode, but the link I've pasted does discuss what the 23rd episode of this current (second) season will deal with. So if you don't want to know, don't click on it. I just wanted to see what the Trekkers on this site thought about it. And DON'T post crap about how much you hate Enterprise and it sucks and it should be off the air and how much Sam Beckett (Scott Bakula) makes a lousy starship captain. Maybe something like this "discovery" will boost Enterprise. http://www.trektoda
  22. That's the same thing, and what I meant; protomatter renders the benevolent and life-giving intentions of Genesis totally destructive to the point where the planet soon becomes a dead asteroid belt. I know of one episode for certain that features terraforming in Star Trek, it's in the first season of TNG when Tasha Yar was still alive. In Enterprise's "Cease Fire," the Vulcans and Andorians are fighting over a planet that the blueskins started to terraform, but that's pre-TOS, so it doesn't count.
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