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  1. Really? That's funny. Out on the road today I saw a Black Flag sticker on a Cadillac!
  2. These damn TV shows with swear words in the title piss me off.
  3. PlexAmp might be the best app for music that I've ever found. My music collection is a total mess and it still handles it beautifully. Genre radio is where it's at.
  4. I've never heard this score outside the film, which I disliked so much, I sold the used my DVD that I bought when I thought I would like it. Hard pass from me.
  5. So we need a vaccine and sheep willing to take it.
  6. I pirate all my music. What can I hook you up with?
  7. I pay for Norton AV coverage for up to ten devices. No problems or regrets.
  8. I have a black belt. If I flip the buckle, I have a brown belt.
  9. The virus will go away on 4 November.
  10. Who doesn't like a little dim sum now and again?
  11. Well that's convenient BS. Just as fall arrives and outside activities start to decrease.
  12. Fucking hell. A weekday? Looks like I have four tickets to unload.
  13. Not for Skyrim. I use the joycons to swing the sword, shield, and control the bow. So it's 99.91%.
  14. The impotence and the tinnitus. He's a broken man.
  15. Isn't Tom Hardy on record as saying he's bisexual? That would be an interesting take on Mr Bond.
  16. I know she will fuck up your life. You're never quite the same.
  17. Summer's gone. The time is wrong for dancing in the streets.
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