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  1. I have no memory of watching The Crimson Horror, the 2013 episode in which she appeared.
  2. We stopped TWD when Rick arrested Negan, and we never looked back one damn bit.
  3. Physical ownership will be banned in the new world order. All we will need is streaming.
  4. I bought three copies so that I could have one for each movie.
  5. We started that last night, got two episodes in, but none of the characters is particularly likeable. I've never liked Hillary Swank so I feel zero emotional attachment to her character. I'm not sure if we'll continue or not. We also started Dark Matter, but after seeing that it gets canceled after its third season cliffhanger, we probably won't commit to it.
  6. Because we can. The fact that some are so vehemently opposed to it makes it more delightful.
  7. You don't need a degree. You can stream the music to speakers and still capture it using a tape recorder. Hopefully you won't pass gas, the neighbor won't knock on the door, the phone won't ring, and the firetruck won't scream down your street.
  8. I like this place a lot less since he left. I probably contributed to his desire to leave, but I now miss him.
  9. SiriusXM pisses me off. They have an excellent soundtrack channel but it's internet only, which means that I can't listen to it in my primary place for listening to XM: in the car. If I'm on Wi-Fi, my Plex server makes XM redundant.
  10. So you stream the music while you run an audio recording program at the same time, and then you have the files.
  11. I have (most of) my entire collection on my NAS that I can stream using Plex. Last Friday they were offering a sale of Plex Pass, which I gobbled up. I hope it's worth it. My plan is to make Plex accounts for my family to stream all my music and ripped video discs, but it is a very slow process. My music collection is a hot mess.
  12. Exactly. That's what Ron Grainer wrote.
  13. None of what you described makes sense because none of those sentences contained the word "and" in the first place.
  14. Aww snap. Godspeed. Rest in peace.
  15. This is the tower climb that I was talking about a few days ago. Without climbing gear = don't even bother.
  16. The coliseum gets effing hard at high difficulty. The lynel sees to that.
  17. I think I know the temple you're talking about, and I couldn't ever beat it. Now I want to get back into that game again.
  18. I have not built a new desktop for myself since Fallout 3 was new for PC. I need to soon, though. I am working to convert all my DVDs and blurays to MKV for network streaming. My current i7 is not fast enough to convert the video files without significant quality loss. A new high end dedicated rig would fix that. For now, my maxed out gaming laptop is the workhorse.
  19. Total War Troy is released today and is free for its first 24 hours at Epic Games Store. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/?ns=53310576ce1d4446b20dbbdac4f09f2d&id=4fc245c9e77a4560a31e0dc77e89d716
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