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  1. I only started listening to the OST last week. I bought it over ten years ago for less than $5. It's good but since I never saw the movie, I don't care that it's incomplete. I have no frame of reference, and cannot justify the upgrade.
  2. That sucks. Steam has been doing that for almost 20 years.
  3. That looks like I'd need to have a bucket nearby.
  4. That's a fun way to kill them, but it's ill advised if two of them gang up on you. There's something about the music and sound effects of the guardians and lynels that channels pure fear. It's anxiety incarnate.
  5. I like his hinox kill method. Turns out you can kill lynels with the magnetic box as well. You just need a shit load of stars. So now I'm inspired to pick up my game after a year break.
  6. Was that before or after they allowed homosexuals to divorce?
  7. I still own the copy I bought in around 2000 for $35.
  8. Well if the show does get ended prematurely, I want them to reveal it was all a holodeck simulation.
  9. https://www.thecinemaspot.com/2020/08/01/exclusive-the-orville-canceled-after-third-season-at-hulu/
  10. who cares

    Mystery seeds!

    I hope they don't grow giant hogweed.
  11. who cares

    Mystery seeds!

    I put mine in the food dehydrator and ate them with sea salt and lime juice
  12. I check for updates on the Pittsburgh show from time to time. It's still postponed with no new date, and I have not been refunded yet.
  13. I'm probably buying Duke Nukem 3D on the Switch.
  14. This place just isn't the same without him.
  15. Where can we sign up to die and be uploaded to robot bodies? I guarantee that Soong androids don't need to wear a mask.
  16. On Mars, there are no blue states. There they are all red.
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