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  1. Because it doesn't do anything for Black Lives Matter.
  2. So is Rowan Atkinson. I never saw him pull off authority with conviction.
  3. It will never go away until it achieves its required population reduction levels. Be patient. We have a long way to go.
  4. I saw it. Even the episode with the naked members.
  5. Did you buy them as discs or on GOG?
  6. It is chicken, it is eggs, it is in between your legs.
  7. Once I found a harry potter in one half of my Sheetz hoagie. I plucked it out and ate that half. Then I needed to remove the rest of it from the other half.
  8. So two weeks ago, Epic Games gave away GTA V for free. Last week, it was Civ VI. This week, it's the Borderlands collection.
  9. Today's the day the aspect ratio is fixed! Disney+ gives you the option to watch in either format. https://variety.com/2020/digital/news/simpsons-4-by-3-aspect-ratio-disney-plus-1234618818/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. I don't watch the movies enough to care. The EE is the only version of 1 and 2 that I even own.
  11. They're wearing masks. They think that's enough.
  12. Such a brave president we have.
  13. Wow. I never even attempted to finish upgrading all my DVDs to Blu-ray. Though I am starting to rip them into MKV so I can whittle down the physical presence. I will start buying 4K only when it's the only option. I own it on VHS only.
  14. Are we done playing this game?
  15. I don't know how people have sex with these masks on.
  16. Napenthe was a fine episode. Now I want bunny corn sausage pizza.
  17. Sorry man. Hope he shakes it quickly. This is a better goal than praying for coronadeath.
  18. I'm not buying this even when we get the second stimulus check.
  19. I bought The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire only because I loved its fantastically colorful artwork, and forgot it was in my cart when I made my next LLL purchase.
  20. Between what I bought used and downloaded used, I have absolutely no quantifiable idea.
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