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  1. 6 hours ago, AC1 said:

    First episode of Away. After the European feel of The Romanoffs, this show is kind of unbearable. It has that kind of American sentimentalism that I'm simply not a fan of. 


    We started that last night, got two episodes in, but none of the characters is particularly likeable. I've never liked Hillary Swank so I feel zero emotional attachment to her character. I'm not sure if we'll continue or not. 


    We also started Dark Matter, but after seeing that it gets canceled after its third season cliffhanger, we probably won't commit to it. 

  2. 6 hours ago, bruce marshall said:

    How long do you think THAT will last?

    Look how many scores are download only or sold as $$$ lps.


    Btw I subscribe to SIRIUS Satellite radio. Im not sure if that's considered streaming as its more like FM radio with archived programs.


    SiriusXM pisses me off. They have an excellent soundtrack channel but it's internet only, which means that I can't listen to it in my primary place for listening to XM: in the car. If I'm on Wi-Fi, my Plex server makes XM redundant. 

  3. 55 minutes ago, mstrox said:

    I installed a Plex server on my laptop - it's like my own personal Spotify!


    I have (most of) my entire collection on my NAS that I can stream using Plex. Last Friday they were offering a sale of Plex Pass, which I gobbled up. I hope it's worth it. 


    My plan is to make Plex accounts for my family to stream all my music and ripped video discs, but it is a very slow process. My music collection is a hot mess. 

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