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    Starship Exeter

    A laugh? To the best of my knowledge, it's not a parody, it's supposed to be as close to an episode of TOS as you could get without getting an endorsement from Paramount. But if you find that kind of 60's sci fi campy and laughable, power to ya, man.
  2. Ok, I had a really good post here that basically tore this guy apart, but then I saw Ricard pleading for no more insults, so I thought better of it and removed most of it. A. Any move that makes large amounts of people scared is called a horror film. That's how it's defined. Sorry, man, but I know how to use a dictionary. B. You must've spent your 2002 in a tin can and only seen one movie, Signs. C. Why are you laughing at an engineer? Look around. Chances are that an engineer built or designed everything you see. The computer you used to type your blatantly ignorant message. The synthetic fabrics you're wearing. The materials used to build your house. The electricity that lets you do things well into the night and colder months that people couldn't do a century ago. The medicines that keep you alive. The car you use to get around in. And get this: engineers are smart. Really smart. And we make a lot of money. Just because you didn't do good in math doesn't give you the right to insult people who can go "x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus four a c all over two a" or "udv = uv - vdu" in their sleep. The following ain't a spoiler; the movie's on dvd already; if you haven't seen it yet, it's by choice, not by accident. But I'll make it nice and white so people who haven't seen it yet but somehow still want to won't get all pissy. Ok, so let me get this straight. In Signs, you've got aliens that die when they come into contact with liquid water? What the heck do you think makes up a good portion of the Earth's atmosphere? You're telling me that one of the best movies of 2002 would have you believe that the most important ingredient for life as we know it to exist is deadly to another form of life? Wow. I can understand that water is sometimes an acid, and that water melted the Wicked Witch of the West, but that's childhood fantasy from a century ago, and it's a classic; Signs ain't, and if anything, it's a sign that Mel Gibson can't find good roles anymore. This is the 21st century, when we're supposed to be a little more sophisticated than that. Give me a break. But the point remains, someone wants a showdown.
  3. You found it "respectable"??? BATTLEFIELD EARTH!?!?!?! You joking? Dude that was the worst movie of 2000 when it came out. -Rogue Leader who is not surprised this guy posted as a "Guest" ashamed to reveal his true identity! Hey buddy, did you read the damn book? If you didn't, then it's obvious why you wouldn't find one iota of respectability in it. I posted as "Guest" simply because I was in a computer lab and logged in on the main page, but when I tried to quote a previous message, it logged me out, forcing my long post to be rendered as from "Guest." I am insulted that you would insinuate that I should find shame in respecting Battlefield Earth for attempting to adapt Hubbard's novel to the big screen. It's a huge undertaking and was seriously blinded by Travolta's own personal opinions, namely, the film was biased by his post-BE-Hubbard-esque opinions, and what he thought would be funny. I never saw the need to praise the movie as being among the best of the year 2000. You must not have read my entire post, you missed my final point in which I said I would probably not watch the movie again simply because it is so heavily flawed and riddled with bad dialogue, poor acting, lousy effects, and loud score. Well, all but one the third of those could describe Attack of the Clones, but that's not the point. The point is that only someone who read the novel Battlefield Earth could ever hope to appreciate the movie Battlefield Earth, and that is only with a heavy heart, a sigh, and a wish that it had been executed much better, like the labor of love that translated into The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and X-Men. Rogue Leader, you have demonstrated to me just how narrow your vision is when you are unable to respect another person's opinions of a movie they can barely appreciate, yet still not totally enjoy. Read the book, then we'll talk, ok? I'm not ashamed. I am Darth Wojo. And yes, the avatar is the shield power-up from the Descent computer games.
  4. woj

    Starship Exeter

    I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I just found it a few hours ago and am still in the process of downloading it, so I haven't yet watched it. I just wanted to post it now in case it might interest some of the Trekkers that frequent this board. It's a fanmade episode in the spirit of The Original Series that seems to be getting good reviews and looks pretty cool, like a lot of love and labor went into it. Enjoy. http://homepage.mac.com/starshipexeter/
  5. That was me, friends, defending Battlefield EarthTHE NOVEL. I'm in a computer lab on campus and I logged in, but it must not have registered or something screwed up...grr... C'est la vie, non?
  6. Why are we comparing Star Trek V to AOTC and not to TPM ? Oh wait. The Final Frontier beats both.
  7. I believe that he did, since before Star Wars, the Fox Fanfare had not been used much since the days of Al Newman in the 50's with the classic Fox films. He and Lucas brought it back to assist in the now-classic intro to all the SW films. Now listen to the Fox Fanfare and try to NOT imagine the SW Main Title following, it's hard to do.
  8. Now granted, I've never seen it, but I've heard about Signs, and as an engineer and one who over-analyzes stuff to no end, I can say it sounds as stupid as they come. But this is coming from someone who, granted more than ten years ago, was scared to watch the final ghost scene of Raiders and what's under the hat on the ground in Tremors; now I just watch them and laugh.
  9. The Lord of the Rings Catch Me If You Can Lilo & Stitch
  10. You make some good points, Alex, but try not to forget about stuff like the Expanded Universe, which makes the six Star Wars films merely one chapter in the saga of a very large galaxy. The six films as they are present a grand story arc, the discovery, life, and death of Anakin Skywalker and how he affects the fate of the galaxy. This span of about fifty years is but a fraction of a vast and diverse history that goes back at least 70,000 years, and has been extended forward about thirty years or so past the Battle of Endor. Granted, a lot of the story elements of the EU seem quite stale, e.g., same characters, planets, plot devices, solutions, and situations recycled over and over, but that doesn't mean it's not without its share of good characters and situations, like Thrawn, Mara Jade, Katarn, and the events to be unfolded in KotOR. But as for more films after Episode III, yea, no more. Let it be a double trilogy, or a sextology, or whatever you wanna call it, but don't bombard us with more films by different directors with different visions. Everything can get old and tiresome really fast, and pushing the envelope will put Star Wars there.
  11. Dunno,having problems myself.I log in for a post then get de-logged automatically. K.M. You can get de-logged if you set your computer to delete your cookies, or clear settings each time you reboot or get off the internet. As long as I'm the only one that touches my computer, I don't see the need to delete cookies regularly, so I'm always logged in.
  12. 20th Century It's all about the classic rock and epic movie scores.
  13. About King Mark's signature, without feeling the need to repeat it here: I could've sworn that the final stanza says in English, something to the effect of: "Celebrate the fight - freedom Celebrate the might - power Celebrate the fight - glory Celebrate the love Celebrate the love Celebrate the love Celebrate the love" I might've screwed up the words fight, might, and fight, but this is what I remember from my 1993 soundtrack box anthology documentation, which I haven't touched since I bought the special edition soundtrack.
  14. And Superman is not a "Club" title and is an original recording done by Varese Sarabande. Okdoky, Kermit, yaddadaddada.
  15. And Superman is Warner Brothers.
  16. Yea, we saw this in 1912 when Party A had an incumbent on its ticket, another candidate was on that party's spin off party's ticket, and someone else of the other party, B, ended up winning because Party A was split pretty much down the middle. Political? not really, there comes a time when politics becomes history and history becomes example, I kept it vague, it was a hundred years ago, and it goes to show you how double nominations split the voters and the little guy can end up winning. (but if you don't like it, you can just delete it, i won't care, just don't lock the thread) On the other hand, Ren said In that case, the rules or conventions must've been different when the scores to both Empire and Jedi were nominated, and I think the rest of the Indy films, when TPM and AOTC have not been, never mind the fact that they probably don't deserve the honor, anyways.
  17. Is it just me, or does Leia need to get her sinus problem taken care of? That looks painful.
  18. It's interesting to think about what kind of theme Goldsmith would've written for DS9, if it could've incorporated more of his TMP theme, or even Courage's fanfare, which I've never heard in either DS9 or Voyager, not to mention Enterprise, unless I just wasn't paying attention. I would've liked to have heard a snippet of the TMP theme whenever the Enterprise-D was mentioned or seen in DS9, like the first episode, Thomas Riker's trip to the station, Worf's arrival, his conversations with O'Brien about delivering Molly, the prune juice conversations, talk with Alexander...ok, I'm rambling...or even in Voyager when Janeway tells the Borg that Locutus was once an ambassador between Starfleet and Borg, to give them Seven of Nine. However, I do like the DS9 theme, and radical as it sounds, I think it's my favorite Trek TV theme, that is, its performance in the 4th season onwards...yes, even with the "doom doom" rhythm underneath. What do you mean by this?
  19. I agree that Goldsmith should be called in to write a theme, among many changes that need to be made if this promising yet stumbling show called Enterprise is going to survive. I'm just disappointed and have been ever since "Broken Bow" that the Paramount execs dropped the ball the first time we saw Enterprise leave spacedock or Earth orbit or whatever, and it didn't have any bold, brassy, recognizeable theme. I mean, the first season of TNG was littered with repetitions of the theme from TMP, since it's TNG's theme as well, and musically, the first season was great for it. We'll see what happens. I like the song for what it is, a good song about trying and stuff like that, it's the kind of song you'd have someone sing at graduation to inspire the seniors. But as a Star Trek title song, it doesn't fit. Bring in Goldsmith...before it's too late.
  20. I've only played the demo, but I like the music that was in it, so I'm sure this is a good idea, I just signed it, I think i'm #465 or so.
  21. To you' date=' Mr Nym, I say that Star Trek does not suck, but we both do have a right to express such opinions. And your request to speak of Williams more suggests to me an attempt to undermine this friendly, John Williams message board that does in fact have other, varying interests with one that is so despotically limited to Williams, it would stagnate itself stupid. This board is not in danger of being destroyed if we discuss non-John Williams material, that was the general idea in creating the Other Topics area; it would only be destroyed if we crossed the "Everything but P & R" barrier, which has not been broken here. Besides, I explained how Kira has everything to do with John Williams, so there . Thanks! The only problem is that now when I watch Deep Space Nine and see Kira, I have to tell myself it's Kira and not someone named Stefancos, since seeing pictures of her next to your avatar and name are beginning to merge the mental image. LOL
  22. I still haven't made the time to join the board, I'm lazy like that, but when I clicked on the link just now, I got all this crap: Warning: mysql_pconnect() [function.mysql-pconnect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on 'unix6.servage.com' (111) in /home/board/config.php on line 11 Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/board/config.php on line 12 Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) in /home/board/config.php on line 15 Warning: mysql_query() [function.mysql-query]: A link to the server could not be established in /home/board/config.php on line 15 Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/board/config.php on line 16 This website have been moved to: ( ) Please use this address in the future ) Is this message board still up, or not?
  23. I think Bajakian made the music for Indy and the Emperor's Tomb That he did, they even show pictures of him on that site, sitting at the keyboard and synthesizer, score book at the ready, not to mention pictures of the orchestra that performed the game's score. I'm kinda partial to the picture of the flute section aqui http://lucasarts.com/products/indiana/imag...usic/flutes.jpg because I play the flute and piccolo. As for KotOR running, I've got a GeForce 2 64 MB DDR, which isn't the greatest in the world, but it suffices. I mean, in Grand Theft Auto 3, it really bogs down when I get all the cops, paddy wagons, and FBI chasing me, but it's never really unplayable. Besides, I mean to purchase a new motherboard and faster processor in the near future, so I can play all the cutting edge games. I'm not sure I want to play Unreal II, but I want to be able to. If I can get my hands on a broadband connection once I get my own place, then I'll be spending my time in Galaxies. At any rate, game companies often state the system requirements as being higher than absolutely necessary not only because they want you to shell out more money for computer upgrades, but they want you to get the most visually and gameplay-wise out of their work. I mean, a game as visually stunning as Knights of the Old Republic can probably work fine on an older system, as long as you meet the OpenGL and RAM requirements, but if the graphics look as dated as say, StarFox for the SNES, then why bother? I hate when games refuse to run on lower system requirements, rather than just perform slower. Now if only all the old DOS, pre-Win95 games would stop being b*tchy and work on the later OS's without being such royal pains. Some of the best games ever predate Windows 95 by years. YAY!!! THIS HAS JUST BEEN MY ELEVENTY-FIRST POST!!! Alex Trebek (Will Ferrell): And your wager? Eleventy-billion dollars. That isn't even a real number. Keanu Reeves (Tobey Maguire): Yet.
  24. 1) Colonel (formerly Major) Kira Nerys was a Bajoran character on the incredible show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from 1993 to 1999. 2) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the second spin-off series*** of the 1960s show Star Trek. 3) Star Trek was conceived in the 1960s by the late Gene Roddenberry, who also wrote the relatively obscure lyrics to its theme song ("...I know his journey ends never, his star trek will go on forever..."). 4) The hauntinly beautiful theme song to the original Star Trek series was written by Alexander Courage. 5) Alexander Courage composed the music to the 1987 film "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace." 6) "Superman IV" is the third and last sequel to the original 1978 "Superman: The Movie." 7) The score to "Superman: The Movie" was composed by John Williams. Now, how can you say that Kira has nothing to do with John Williams? "Seven degrees" saves the day every time. *** By saying "second spin-off series," that is considering Deep Space Nine to be the second spin-off series to Star Trek that is set in what is now considered to be the "present era" of Star Trek, namely, TNG, DS9, Voyager, and the four TNG films. The "past" is TOS, TAS, and the seven movies with the original cast (yes, I did count Generations twice since it's got two time primary periods), and Enterprise is the "distant past." Or, to be more incredibly accurate, Deep Space Nine is the THIRD spin-off series to Star Trek, since The Animated Series was the FIRST spin-off. However, this cartoon series was not treated as a true spin-off, simply as picking up where "Turnabout Intruder" had left off as if nothing had happened, we simply saw Kirk and friends as two-dimensional drawings living in a universe where nearly everybody else was voiced by Jimmy Doohan. The Next Generation is truly the first real spin-off series to TOS, since it featured a whole new cast, crew, ship, time and place, etc. But now I've turned a simple question into a massive Trek dissertation, so Mr. Nym, for the sake of you and other people with tender ears, I will refrain from the Trekking for now, but remember this: I get as sick of the talk of Harry Potter as you do of the Star Trek, even though Harry Potter was scored by the Maestro.
  25. Bravo. So am I, but there's still a bit I don't like about it and stuff that won't work in it, which is why I've got a triple partition on my primary hard drive: Windows 98 Windows XP DOS 6.22 & Windows 3.11 XP is for functionability and to stay on for long periods of time, but 98 is for older games, like TIE Fighter, and my TI-GraphLink, which claims it doesn't work in XP. The old version of Windows was in theory supposed to be for even older games, like the Jurassic Park we talked about here a few months ago and Star Trek TNG: A Final Unity, but until I can get some legacy drivers for my sound card, it's just a waste of a 2 gigabyte partition.
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