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  1. If artwork is the culprit, why not take the Tadlow approach? Just draw something vaguely related to the movie and make that your album cover.
  2. I saw it on Hamill's Twitter feed.
  3. I'm glad to have DVR. When I got ready to watch Spyfall, BBC was in the last part of Resolution, which I did not remember. So last season, I watched The Battle of Ranskor Av Kolos, and that was it. I honestly never knew they had a New Year's special in 2019. So I watched that, with the rather attractive Dalek hostage, before catching the new one.
  4. I'm introducing my wife to one of the formative movies of my youth, the Disney version of The Swiss Family Robinson. It must be an extended cut, or else all versions that I saw before on network TV were abridged. There are a lot of extended scenes, and we're only on the second day with the first pirate attack so far. Some are good situational development, but others are just talking. Yeah, I don't remember there being sharks. Or the men shooting at sharks. This is good music. I need to find if they released an album of William Alwyn's score.
  5. Does this site really need security? Are we trading illegal files that we need to keep the authorities out? Are we exchanging money? Or are we trading nudie pics that we need to keep children out? Our greatest resources are our post counts.
  6. Snap. Han will see a Rebel trooper in hell if his tauntaun freezes before the first marker. "Oh my god" is allowed.
  7. Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally I love the fact that the scout troopers couldn't hit a pile of junk at close range. Making fun of their inability to hit our heroes in the OT regardless of Obi-Wan's note. I am surprised one of them said "oh my god," as religions other than Jedi and Sith have rarely been mentioned onscreen, but it's just a common human curse. I was taken out of the story when IG said the bacta would take hours, but Mando was back on his feet quickly. Did hours really elapse? Is it that fast acting? Or did Gideon give them time? I suppose after seeing the flame trooper blown out of the door, the Imps would bide their time to avoid killing The Asset in the crossfire. The Armorer seems pretty exposed for trying to hide in tunnels, when all her comrades are dead, but she is more than capable. She mentioned some Old Republic era lore, which is great. Loved the giant astromech gondola droid. Maybe not an R2 unit. Maybe R12? Loved the character growth of Mando's attitude toward droids.
  8. I'm sorry, but this mental disaster should commit suicide. I don't care if "she" did father seven children.
  9. So once a woman has posed in Playboy, she should never wear clothes? Seriously, man, your country is burning. You should pick up an axe and go help.
  10. Because it's their job. If you're a truck driver but you get red and embarrassed when you hold a steering wheel, you're not going to do well. If you're an actor willing to show your doodle for money, getting red and embarrassed will give you a bad job review.
  11. Australia is burning, koalas are being cooked alive, and you're drinking? Are you the prime minister?
  12. That was an unused concept that Doug Chiang suggested in 2013. It's a great idea because a conventional TIE Fighter has the cockpit way too high in the wings, which don't look strong enough to be load bearing. When landing in a hangar, there's always a claw to grab the cockpit.
  13. Thank you, Quintus. I did not realize this was released. My daily multivitamin does not cure OCD or cremeritis, either, like Jay's does.
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