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  1. Australia is burning, koalas are being cooked alive, and you're drinking? Are you the prime minister?
  2. That was an unused concept that Doug Chiang suggested in 2013. It's a great idea because a conventional TIE Fighter has the cockpit way too high in the wings, which don't look strong enough to be load bearing. When landing in a hangar, there's always a claw to grab the cockpit.
  3. Thank you, Quintus. I did not realize this was released. My daily multivitamin does not cure OCD or cremeritis, either, like Jay's does.
  4. I'll stick with Harmys and just use PlayOn to DVR anything I want that is streaming.
  5. So the only way for the Prequel Trilogy to become better appreciated is to make a worse trilogy.
  6. Once Bitten Cute and funny. The soundtrack oozes 80s. I think that Khaleesi was channeling Lauren Hutton, who was hot in this. Avatar I hadn't seen this in its entirety since the theater, but I didn't really forget anything. It was more enjoyable than the NBC Sunday Night game, and it made my wife get emotional. That was worth the three hours. I miss James.
  7. This sounds like when the ketchup bottle is empty and all you're getting is air.
  8. My friend, you could easily be talking about many areas in the USA with conditions and roads like that, too.
  9. It's their fault I need to take my shoes off before boarding an airplane, so let's keep blaming them for stuff.
  10. It's less about what you're born, and more about what you can accept as wanting to live as. Whatever makes you happy without hurting others or killing yourself, go for it.
  11. Bisexuality is a threat to the political strength of the pure homosexuality movement. Gays and lesbians draw their power from the premise that they are born that way, especially now that scientists have demonstrated biological evidence to support this. Finey, cool. Once individuals get through childhood and come to terms (come out) with their nature, they are supposed to be locked into that orientation for life. I guess it should be called monogamously gay? Bisexuals are clearly a threat to that stance. They enjoy orgasming with men and women, and that choice to go back and forth is in direct conflict to the idea that you are born that way. They just want to have fun in the sack with anyone. Or... A lot of straight or allegedly straight people think that one gay experience makes you gay, and they don't want you back in the str8 club. Apparently the gays think the same and resent you for leaving.
  12. I cheered when I saw Richard Ayoade's name in the credits. I recognized him as the voice of the droid bounty hunter and wasn't wrong. So many good references and one liners. Bill Burr said ass and mentioned Canto Bight and Gungans. Is that the first mention of them outside of the prequels (not counting seeing Naboo in the Endor celebration)? I sure think so. Very good episode. The bounty hunter raiding party made me nostalgic for KOTOR 1, complete with Mission Vao and Canderous Ordo. I thought it was neat to see the Republic using droid prison guards, but why would you employ people? Was really hoping to hear MEATBAG but no dice. The Mandalorian theme in full fanfare mode at the end was sweet.
  13. Never seen it. Looks like Die Hard: The Musical.
  14. Sounds like you just had your heart broken by a man who went back to pussy, and it left you bitter.
  15. Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with the growing Muslim population in these areas? Europeans don't want any more trouble than they can handle.
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