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  1. In Thor's defense, that ship sailed when you permitted people to discuss tracks with the titles embedded in the mp3 files themselves. The web page uses Track 1, Track 2, etc for this reason. Ambiguity. You might not consider it to be a plot spoiler that there is an old Death Star or that somebody approaches a throne in this movie, since these are FYC track titles, but now Thor knows, and that has spoiled his knowledge. In Jay's defense, Thor should have followed the link, gotten the music, and avoided this thread like the plague. It's JWFan, after all.
  2. I stand corrected. You were correct. This is the best place to find them! IT'S GLORIOUS.
  3. That man in the photo is her husband, not actually Theon Greyjoy. Lots of nice photos here. She's 34 and they have a daughter. https://newsfeeds.media/a-politician-for-the-instagram-generation-meet-the-worlds-youngest-prime-minister-sanna-marin-34/ Trump, stay away from Finland.
  4. I would choose Star Trek First Contact over TMP for personal listening enjoyment.
  5. To you? I've been wondering about that for a while.
  6. No it's not, but we're not allowed to talk about the best place.
  7. But the bump was most definitely not relevant to the thread title. GSoaB asked a legitimate question only two posts after an idiot posted a dancing lock and another copied him. Why Not Mr Big doesn't go through pages and pages of old threads from decades ago and post dancing locks on all of them is beyond me.
  8. Juice Wrld needed to die for me to have ever heard of him.
  9. Apparently a three year jump wasn't enough.
  10. I Googled that number and it was used in the recent South Park video game prior to this episode.
  11. The finale was akin to having somebody remove every few pages from the last couple chapters of a really good book you've been reading for eight years, and passing it off as the finished work. The pieces you have are reasonably good, but you can tell that you are missing parts of the story. Characters make decisions without the proper motivations. Everything felt rushed and undeserved. And having one of the show creators admit in a "behind the scenes" that the most motivated character on the show rushed into battle against a naval foe and simply forgot that he had surface-to-capability even though her air support had perfect long range vision was an absolute crime against logic. It was the moment of artificially converting a major protagonist into final villain.
  12. On Facebook and Twitter, yes. But not on this forum. Clicking the heart once brings up the menu of like options. If you keep scrolling, you leave the menu without a selection and no like. Selecting the heart requires a second tap. Even a sustained hold just brings up the menu for the image file itself.
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