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  1. Fake Dax still looks good there.
  2. Hey, I added a compliment after you ninja quoted me, pal!
  3. The specific appearance of each emoji depends on the platform and software of the person viewing the web page, not on the person who wrote the post. Unless you are Richard, who doesn't know how to use emojis so he uses the website's classic emoticons (quite effectively). There are subtle differences in the artwork. And if somebody does not have a particular emoji installed, they just get a box with an X.
  4. I used to really like the show, but they haven't released a good episode in over a year. It's a real damn shame.
  5. What are they hacking? Are they just inviting themselves into private conversations, or are they using them as backdoors to hack networks and computer drives?
  6. What method will you use for your next ban event?
  7. America does not need an English vaccine. We have Lysol and our Bill of Rights. When the country reopens, the virus will obey.
  8. There are no other medical conditions. There is only Covid-19.
  9. They just announced a new HumbleBundle with a very healthy selection of TWD comics for digital download. I am tempted. https://www.humblebundle.com/books/walking-dead-image-comicsskybound-entertainment-books?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_2_layout_index_1_layout_type_threes_tile_index_3_c_walkingdeadimagecomicsskyboundentertainment_bookbundle
  10. It's our new apocalypse, now.
  11. Being outside for too long without a mask is the new unprotected sex.
  12. Proving that Beverly is a better driver than Troi. Bespin is gay. He should watch the episode The Outcast.
  13. My phone shows the next to last pic as a box with the X. So I'm out.
  14. But does Journey have amazing "knock you on your ass" next generation visuals? That's all I really want to see.
  15. Oh hush. Redemption is great. I can't explain why without spoiling it for Bespin, but I do like the Klingon episodes of TNG. If you don't like Whoopi, you won't like Time's Arrow. Jerry Hardin (still alive at 90)is a campy delight. And Descent is also entertaining, if you like the B and L.
  16. It's an optical illusion that makes it look like there is space between the cans. There is not.
  17. Physically my collection is stored randomly in cardboard boxes. The boxes are sorted by size in a closet.
  18. I'd rather they cancel it. I need my refund for groceries.
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