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  1. Maybe. Maybe not. Another four discs of Star Trek music I might never listen to, but the completionist in me needs it.
  2. Solid pass. I've never heard of any of these movies. Bottom of the barrel kind of release.
  3. Fuck. I am displeased in the need to double dip for another copy of The Poseidon Adventure just to get the other two. Might have to pirate this one.
  4. It makes sense to not have Palpy in Rogue One simply because he wasn't in the original Star Wars movie beyond a few passing references. As a direct prequel to Ep IV, it was still Tarkin's time to be the central villain.
  5. I'm not really upset that Palpy returns. He did anyways in the old EU. Vader's sacrifice had been undermined in the old continuity for twenty-plus years of comics and novels.
  6. In your porn days, would you listen to the coitus with the screen dark?
  7. I wanted to watch that but I couldn't last more than 35 minutes. Sorry Bloom.
  8. So in other words, they'll be divorcing again before the playoffs start.
  9. So do you expect her to shoot and drive at the same time? I can't definitively tell if she or Poe is driving, but it looks like she is in front. Yes, she should hand the wheel to someone else and hop into the back to deflect laser bolts with her saber, but she doesn't because of the script.
  10. When your story takes place in the Arctic and other exotic, otherworldly places, thou shalt get out of England fast.
  11. I like those two. I didn't think I did at first, and it's still bizarre that that's basically their only acting job on the show, but they do it well.
  12. It is, yes. But if you scan the document and realize it doesn't scan, your mind needs to kick into overdrive and figure out a plan B. Photos or videotaping it. Even if you need to read it aloud into a voice recorder. Something. Get creative.
  13. That's not the Half-Life 3 that we need, but it is the Half-Life 3 we deserve.
  14. The Asset might the best new Star Wars character introduced since 1983.
  15. What's the issue here, aside from the pisspoor color grading? The cropping is minor.
  16. I'm done with the MCU. Endgame was a nice capper. There's nothing interesting or unique left to tell.
  17. woj

    Pet Peeves

    So loan them the CD sans the booklet. They can get the tracklist online.
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