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  1. There was nothing wise about Indy IV. Connery is a little past ripe, depending on the quality of his casket.
  2. I used to upload files with my name tagged as the Artist to see if a friend at a different college in the next county could see it by searching for my name. She could not.
  3. We just watched the second episode. It's slow world building. If that's the Little Palace, where's the Big one?
  4. How precious. Quintus has a defender. He'll be unbanned tomorrow.
  5. That's what Twitter is for. But when you have practically no followers, jumping on a soapbox to scream politically charged statements goes nowhere. It's emotionally unsatisfying. Same with starting out fresh at a new forum website with post count zero. But here... Here we have a bunch of nerdish guys and "girls" drawn together with a common love of soundtracks, some for 20 years. It's more of a captive audience and easier to get a rise, which keeps the conversation going and empowers the instigators.
  6. You have a point. Considering most of the people at this site who I ever considerered a friend or genuinely enjoyed talking to has left forever, that's probably the way to go.
  7. How do you direct a cat to be afraid of a giant fake puppet? Oh.
  8. There are some of us here who can only maintain an erection while jacking to the ladies of the bullshit factory. It's less than some, actually.
  9. Did you search for all the posts where the IRA acronym is spelled out? Chop, chop.
  10. Too bad the search feature is garbage and won't let us search for three letter words. IRA stays hidden.
  11. Rule #34 has destroyed Thomas the Tank Engine for that reason.
  12. It's not a wall. It's a magical storm that people want to get through, but can't. In GOT, it's a wall that people don't want to get through... Until the Wildlings are introduced and define it as a magical wall that they want to get through, but can't. Damnit.
  13. If your mouse scroll wheel is broken, can we buy you a new mouse so you can scroll past?
  14. That's not fair. We've all had BMs better than the last two seasons of GOT. We finished the first episode of Shadow and Bone but I doubt we will stick with it. The storytelling is hampered by the lack of a map. It isn't until the end of the episode you realize who is where and when with respect to "the fold." By then, most people will give up. The intro credits clockwork map was a major strength of GOT.
  15. We have posters who were bred with West African frogs.
  16. That's between him and his partner.
  17. There's a TV cartoon series from the 80s that I'd like the music from. Ron Jones wrote for it. Quack a rooney, I just can't remember the show's name.
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