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  1. I have zero interest in Wanda vision. Neither character is interesting enough to carry a show on their own.
  2. She's a strange thing for sure.
  3. I'll double down. I can't wait until Roman Polanski joins him.
  4. This is Lana Clarkson, the 40 year old woman that Phil Spector shot and killed in 2003. Why does a then-64 year old man murder a 40 year old woman? The world is a better place with a dead Phil Spector in it.
  5. Because that's what the news does. They report on what people Tweet.
  6. He's covering all the bases, in case the Wachowskis influence.
  7. I bought this album. I rewatched most of the movie yesterday, and the music is very pleasant.
  8. I like the main titles. I seldom listen past them. Not for at least five years.
  9. I own this OST and honestly don't think I've listened to it more than three times.
  10. I recommend a device like this. It connects with only a single USB plug. I own an older external DVD burner that has two USB plugs. One is data, and the other is power. It won't work correctly in an unpowered hub, which steps it down to one, so you lose a USB port on your laptop to use the drive. Avoid these like the plague. I gave the old drive to my spouse, and bought a newer setup for myself.
  11. Everything that LucasArts did with Kyle Katarn could have been done with Luke instead.
  12. "You people" and "TPS reports" were genuinely laugh-out-loud moments. I only recognize the Imperial officer from the latest Tremors movie, but he has a great presence. This was a good episode.
  13. Don't start a new organizing session at 3 AM when you're too tired to think correctly. You might accidentally tell it to automatically sort a large folder of music that's already been carefully sorted and curated the way you want it. The undo function doesn't seem to work well. My entire rock collection has been transformed like a Genesis planet (no pun intended) as this program sees fit. I didn't lose anything, but I just have a lot of smaller partial albums that are scattered. I'm as amused as I am pissed.
  14. No. "Dark troopers" were first introduced -- and named as such -- in the 1995 LucasArts PC game "Dark Forces." https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Dark_trooper While old EU material is now "Legends," the Disney team can pick and choose what they want to bring into new canon. Moff Gideon is playing the part of General Rom Mohc from the game, and Gideon's giant cruiser may as well be the Arc Hammer. As a longtime fan of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight game franchise, this episode had me extremely giddy for the direction of the show. I know a lot of us spent big money on therapy to forget about this, but let's all remember together: midichlorians.
  15. It took me five minutes to find the appropriate thread to post this. If anybody has thousands of unorganized mp3 files on their computer, I found the solution: SongKong. http://www.jthink.net/songkong/ It can run on your computer, but it can also run on a network server and be controlled remotely. It essentially compares all of your unorganized music files to MusicBrainz and other online music databases, fills in the metadata, adds cover art, and it can also rename the files and move them into folders. I have folders upon folders of music that were downloaded from Napster or acquired from whoever shared disks or thumb drives with me. I acquire and hoard, but sorting takes years. YEARS. Jaikoz is supposed to be the more powerful version of the software but there's less written about it. I want a program that can most of the grunt work itself. It's easier to sort fully indexed files. Now it will still take hours and days, but I have a ~$50 program running on my QNAP NAS that can do it for me. I am excited.
  16. Whether you want to kiss the sky or kiss this guy, that's your own choice.
  17. Thanks. That was a number of days ago and I couldn't find it. I figured it was early next week. I don't understand why it's not listed on their Facebook posts. I'm glad you answered before MV had a chance to say it was a dumbass question. Thank you. Good. Then I will just download them. I know where to look. I don't want to give more money to MV who calls his customers dumbasses.
  18. When do these LLL titles go on sale? I know it's published somewhere but I cannot find the date.
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