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  1. I've never heard this score outside the film, which I disliked so much, I sold the used my DVD that I bought when I thought I would like it. Hard pass from me.
  2. So we need a vaccine and sheep willing to take it.
  3. I pirate all my music. What can I hook you up with?
  4. Fucking hell. A weekday? Looks like I have four tickets to unload.
  5. The impotence and the tinnitus. He's a broken man.
  6. Isn't Tom Hardy on record as saying he's bisexual? That would be an interesting take on Mr Bond.
  7. Summer's gone. The time is wrong for dancing in the streets.
  8. She was an old Justice in the highest court in the US. Now with 45 days before he is reelected, there is a high likelihood that president 45 will rush to nominate another conservative judge in order to overturn Roe V Wade. The conservatives care more about the unborn aborted people than any of the living. Especially the alphabet people LGBTQIA, POC, and the immigrants. With the death of Ginsburg, only white men will enjoy legal protection again. Everyone else, it's been fun.
  9. I want to watch the Peggy Carter show because they're real and they're spectacular.
  10. I was going to post a photo of a roadkill cat but it looks like I tried that last year.
  11. If you just wait for December, it will be free with the subscription instead of $30 plus the subscription. This is the cost-effective way to go.
  12. I have no memory of watching The Crimson Horror, the 2013 episode in which she appeared.
  13. We stopped TWD when Rick arrested Negan, and we never looked back one damn bit.
  14. Physical ownership will be banned in the new world order. All we will need is streaming.
  15. We started that last night, got two episodes in, but none of the characters is particularly likeable. I've never liked Hillary Swank so I feel zero emotional attachment to her character. I'm not sure if we'll continue or not. We also started Dark Matter, but after seeing that it gets canceled after its third season cliffhanger, we probably won't commit to it.
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