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  1. You don't need a degree. You can stream the music to speakers and still capture it using a tape recorder. Hopefully you won't pass gas, the neighbor won't knock on the door, the phone won't ring, and the firetruck won't scream down your street.
  2. SiriusXM pisses me off. They have an excellent soundtrack channel but it's internet only, which means that I can't listen to it in my primary place for listening to XM: in the car. If I'm on Wi-Fi, my Plex server makes XM redundant.
  3. So you stream the music while you run an audio recording program at the same time, and then you have the files.
  4. I have (most of) my entire collection on my NAS that I can stream using Plex. Last Friday they were offering a sale of Plex Pass, which I gobbled up. I hope it's worth it. My plan is to make Plex accounts for my family to stream all my music and ripped video discs, but it is a very slow process. My music collection is a hot mess.
  5. Exactly. That's what Ron Grainer wrote.
  6. None of what you described makes sense because none of those sentences contained the word "and" in the first place.
  7. Aww snap. Godspeed. Rest in peace.
  8. I only started listening to the OST last week. I bought it over ten years ago for less than $5. It's good but since I never saw the movie, I don't care that it's incomplete. I have no frame of reference, and cannot justify the upgrade.
  9. Well if the show does get ended prematurely, I want them to reveal it was all a holodeck simulation.
  10. https://www.thecinemaspot.com/2020/08/01/exclusive-the-orville-canceled-after-third-season-at-hulu/
  11. I check for updates on the Pittsburgh show from time to time. It's still postponed with no new date, and I have not been refunded yet.
  12. Does anyone have a WGBH Passport account? For $5 to create an account, that's not much money. But I don't know if it offers access to specific WGBH/local programming, or just nationwide PBS programs. It'd be nice to know what it has before donating money.
  13. It's better than Voyager. We're watching it now, midway through S2. I thought that I had watched it all, but it turns out I forgot a lot. It works well binging in order, better than watching it in random order.
  14. A soundtrack to an audio book. That's some real bottom of the barrel stuff right there.
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