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  1. Yep: http://web.archive.org/web/20010215035541/...ok/analysis.htm
  2. The only reason I want to see this movie is because of the language the dialogue is in. Apart from that, there is no reason.
  3. The Phoenix Symphony re-recording of The Magnificent Seven is good, in my opinion.
  4. Wrong. Bernard is still around. Bu yes, the Tail Section bit did seem kind of pointless, though Eko is an awesome character.
  5. I think that Yared's music matched the film perfectly. As others have mentioned, the shot of the ships is scored by Yared as if something is actually happening, sort of: "Achilles is going to his doom, along with thousands of other Greeks!". Horner's cue for the scene..."Hey, Achilles on a ship. Oh wait, lots of ships." For the Approach of the Greeks: Yared's score makes the Greeks seem threatening. Horner's music seems to make the Greek army just another bunch of marching people, no worries. The fight between Hector and Aias, Yared makes Ajax threatening and Hector valiant. Almost actually makes me worry for both characters. I don't even remember Horner's music. The only place I can think of as Horner surpassing Yared is in Yared's use of screeching vocals for Hector's funeral. Of course, Horner used wailing vocals all over the place...like for a scene of the camera panning over the walls of Troy at night when nothing at all is happening. BTW, does anybody know how Yared's finale cues match up? I can't seem to synch them with the movie. Most everything else I've figured out.
  6. I liked all three of the movies. They all have good things about them, and they all have notsogood things about them. In Jurassic Park - the score was excellent, the script, the dinosaurs, and just in general. I liked the more subtle humour "Objects in mirror..., etc.). The Lost World - the score is again, excellent. The scene with the Tyrannosaurs at night was fantastic - but it begins to really fall apart after the snake-guy gets eaten. JPIII - popcorn fun with a good score. What else to say?
  7. It's an overture to 1812, isn't it?
  8. I think the greatest bit in the first season is either Locke's theme from Deus Ex Machina, or the 'Raft theme' in "Parting Words." Some of the most powerful music I've heard from...anything...
  9. Well, the chorus in the DotF is a different recording, but yes, the orchestra is the same. I think it worked though, especially when Yoda is fending off Sidious' Force-lightning. That said...when I answered the question, I wasn't thinking about the OT. If taken all together, the Luke/Vader duel is the best. The atmosphere (with the darkness and the smoke, and the sabers interacting with it, etc.) is amAzing. The music (what's still there) is perfect. And overall, it just Works.
  10. I'd say I like the Yoda/Sidious duel the most. I could say TPM, but they didn't use the music that would have made it truly excellent. The only thing I thought wrong with the Y/S duel is the looping of Battle of the Heroes as they rise into the senate room.
  11. I'll go with Superman - The SW main title has only one theme... Superman has 2 or 3, if I remember correctly.
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