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  1. Saw the new Potter yesterday. It was good, especially the first hour or so. After that, it went a little too much into teasing the final movie and showing close ups of emotionally disturbed teenagers. The score is good, though there´s no theme or motif to remember after the entire movie.
  2. I tend to come here once or twice a month, just to see if there´s some new John Williams stuff coming up. :-) However, i hardly post anything in the forums, but it's really cool to see that some people I`ve had conversations with a looong time ago are still actively contributing to this community.
  3. I once again have to say that I think John Williams just can´t write big orchestral themes and bombastic soundtracks as he did earlier because there´s no demand for it. I mean, if you look at his recent scores, many of them just don´t have the need for character themes, broad orchestral music etc. This style of scoring would even have been awkward in films like munich or WOTW. Another issue is the way movies are made today. Hardly any movie today is finished before it goes over to the composer. Usually they are edited until the very last moment, which causes problems for Williams´ style, esp
  4. He´s not surprised. Well, i kind of agree with Josh. Although Johnny definitely had better soundtracks in his career, i really believe that KotCS is as good as today´s soundtracks can get. I haven´t heard a better Soundtrack since at least PoA, maybe even longer! Besides, i believe the Soundtrack that many people in here are waiting for (a broad symphonic soundtrack filled with lots of impressive themes and variations of those, like Johnnie´s works in the 80´s) is never going to happen again. There´s no real need for it, and the entire movie industry has changed so much that it´s virtually imp
  5. Requests, offers or trades of the soundtrack are NOT allowed. Posts will be deleted, and the user may be banned from the forum. http://jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=15339
  6. I think it´s a little unfair to compare it to the old 3 indy scores without having seen the movie, especially with arguments like "The action cues are more goofy than serious". I mean, what if the action sequences are goofy in their style? Should he write dark material which would absolutely not fit the mood of what´s seen on the screen.
  7. Just wait, for we will all have in our music library soon
  8. My Goodness. Listen to the "Finale" preview and tell me that Williams is not at his best here! I dare you! Sounds really good, I´m thrilled to hear the whole thing after these clips
  9. In other words: If, in the past, Bay had chosen to direct the projects that - in his opinion - sucked, he´d probably have made some good movies.
  10. I start to believe Josh want´s to be the first person ever who makes 500 polls on this boards. He`s a "poll smoker", so to say
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