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  1. Official stream was using AAC LC (ADTS) codec with variable bit rate. Overall bitrate for full stream was over 200 kb/s. Could be that video was available in different formats based on the web browser or connection bandwidth.
  2. Works for me (I live in Finland) without any problem. Might not work for you if it isn't already 4th day in your timezone.
  3. Terve! I got good seats for me and my sister only for today's concert. Kinda hard to convince non fan to trow another 240 eur for "same thing tomorrow". There was some decent and cheaper options available but I felt that after amazing seats (2nd ground level box, could see the face of JW most of the time) any other seat wouldn't make me as happy. Most likely another boring day on museums, before flying back tomorrow evening.
  4. Cameraman confirmed to me that the concert isn't only broadcasted later on some local channel, but there's also going to be Blu-ray release of it.
  5. Seems Rey's Theme is replaced by Donnybrook Fair on the program: https://www.musikverein.at/en/concert/eventid/43257
  6. Tracklist with durations (from https://www.highresaudio.com/en/album/view/22pwf4/john-williams-star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-original-motion-picture-soundtrack): 1. Fanfare and Prologue 04:34 2. Journey to Exegol 02:49 3. The Rise of Skywalker 04:18 4. The Old Death Star 03:16 5. The Speeder Chase 03:21 6. Destiny of a Jedi 05:12 7. Anthem of Evil 03:23 8. Fleeing from Kijimi 02:51 9. We Go Together 03:17 10. Join Me 03:42 11. They Will Come 02:50 12. The Final Saber Duel0 3:57 13. Battle of the Resistance 02:51 14. Approaching the Throne 04:16 15. The Force Is with You 03:59 16. Farewell 05:14 17. Reunion 04:04 18. A New Home 01:47 19. Finale 10:51 Total Runtime 01:16:32
  7. Thanks for the interview video! Same Youtube account posted a video which actually has small clips of Williams at the recording sessions: (before 6:33 there's material which could include some spoilers)
  8. Some people have been guessing Dudamel being the second conductor but he's already reserved for the New York Philharmonic. I might like the new concert program more than the earlier one, but hate to see BFG removed.
  9. Full concert is available (only connections from Germany allowed or with VPN) at https://www.3sat.de/kultur/festspielsommer/anne-sophie-mutter-spielt-filmmusik-100.html
  10. Anne-Sophie Mutter's website now mentions John Williams conducting the 2nd half of the concert. Also BSO website has been updated to include JW as a conductor.
  11. Will definitely be buying the Blu-ray of this. Just couple of weeks ago it was also broadcasted on Finnish TV. Williams isn't just conducting his piece but is also one of the interviewees and included on some of the sort clips between the performances. For Finnish members (or with VPN) this is still available online at YLE Areena.
  12. New tickets (standing gallery tickets and seats in the choir) will soon be available according to email ad for Royal Albert Hall Friends & Patrons: Friends & Patrons Priority Booking: 10am, Wednesday 5 September - 9am, Thursday 6 September Public booking: 10am, Thursday 6 September
  13. Have to admit I was a little bit upset after spending for another friend status. After thinking about it, I'm more than happy to support them. During the years I've enjoyed many amazing recordings of this wonderful orchestra. It was for a good cause!
  14. I was planning to travel to Boston this year and even joined Boston Pops Friends ($100 donation) to have access to advance tickets. Thanks to this topic I was quickly notified about the London concerts and made arrangements (travelling with my sister) to attend London concert instead. I wasn't that happy about the extra £45 but based on later replies it seems without it I wouldn't have gotten my tickets (arena seats on 11th row). Advance tickets were also available for Azkaban in Concert so I'm not that angry about the extra fee anymore.
  15. LSO is busy during Saturday afternoon: https://lso.co.uk/whats-on/icalrepeat.detail/2018/10/27/1265/-/family-concert.html
  16. "Due to vast number of requests we receive each year, we do not have waiting lists for any events at the Hall" https://www.royalalberthall.com/your-visit/faqs/
  17. There's many well known conductors who have continued their career after having a pacemaker. Haven't you heard about Riccardo Muti for example?
  18. Based on links posted here these are just limited Blu-spec CD releases meant for Japanese market by Sony Japan. I would be more interested about potential new worldwide releases by Sony Classical.
  19. At least for Finland Spotify has now the full album available: http://open.spotify.com/album/3Q08y3UGU6lqRpksL66EHO
  20. It was a great inside joke! One of the first works by Giacchino was the music for The Lost World: Jurassic Park computer game. Game was produced by Dreamworks and he's career started when Steven Spielberg invited him to compose music for the game.
  21. Most of these bootlegs use silver color CD-Rs and are not really pressed. This release has sound effects included so it doesn't sound like a legit album release. I don't think it is fair to sell these fan made dvd-rips for fifteen pounds (30$)!. This seller has five of them and also many other releases. If you really need to get it, buy the dvd and make a rip to our own use.
  22. I can confirm that this is a bootleg. It is ripped from the DVD, some of the tracks has sound effects. It also has some source cues and tracks from the album. Same seller is also selling 4 CD version of Young Sherlock Holmes
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