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  1. have seen it yesterday.

    couldn't believe how bad it was. I liked the first two, the third completely destroyed the series.

    boring nonsense, meaningless, unbelievably bad. Just do not see is not entertaining, just waist of time and money

    what did they think making such abad movie?

    I still cannot believe it.

  2. Just traded for that sheet music score of 7 years in Tibet. Great music.

    Does anybody know its origin? Who has scanned it, who has the original, and where does it come from?

    I would like to have also the parts so my orchestra can play it sometimes. (This is one of the favorite of our conductor)

    Thanks for your help!

  3. there are some pieces at chester novello for rental, unfortunately only few. If Williams ever wrote for Disney it might be rentel at heelymusic.

    Lucksmusic has the comercial "cheap" arrangements that are out of print for rental.

    If sombody has more sources than the mentioned above, TNV and the signature edition, Please post here.

  4. The sheet music for this piece can be rented at Schirmer:

    However it is a big orchestra.

    Please post if there exists a recording.

    Danny Elfman : Work List

    * Orchestra

    o Serenada Schizophrana (2005) - 42 minute(s)

    Chorus small female chorus in mvt. 5

    Orchestration 3(2pic,afl).3(2ca).3(Ebcl,2bcl,asx).3(2cbn)/6.3.3(btbn)+btbn(cbtbn).1(Cimbasso)/timp(perc).5perc/hp.2pf(syn).syn/str (

  5. no, no. I'm quite sure lots of people consider the first as bad movie, at least the director. The second one almost everybody would consider bad, because the main character simply cannot act.

    beside that insomnia is 2002, and I said the film is from 1994

    platoon is from 1986 the film from 1990.

  6. well, it was a long time ago, I did not read any serious critics, and I very like to go to the mountain. I also bought it second handbeside that I think when I first saw it i found it quite okay ( Cliffhanger like :-) I think in the meantime my taste changed a little. BTW the other two are also rather "old" films, one is from 1990 the other from 1994, so War of the worlds is wrong.

    quote about vertical limit from imdb:

    This is, without doubt, the least accurate film on climbing I have

    ever seen. This movie is simply absurd. I consider it about as

    "accurate" as, say, Spy Kids is to global espionage."

  7. Performed by Mask definitifely is synth crap keep your finger from that. Might be that i have one ore two CD's from them and after the listening of the first 10 seconds removed them from my mind.

    Right now I'm interested in knowing if the recently released albums by a "Global Stage Orchestra" is synth crap too or real music.

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