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  1. The track Mischief Managed / A Window to the Past / Buckbeak's Flight (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) 6:58 is a quite nice arrangement.
  2. Could someone make a comment on this album please? what orchestra did this? Is it only available on itunes? Is this the first official recording of Nimbus 2000? Is the Prisoner of askaban trak published in the Halleonard signature edition? (because the other are) Thanks for comments
  3. It is the the End of First Knight. The "ship" is light by a burning arrow, which you can see on the picture, if you look very closely! After the arrow hits the boat, it starts burning like hell. Wonderfull music in this scene BTW.
  4. The second one is True Romance. That's correct.
  5. Thanks, I really enyojed the two concerts and my trip to Chicago, althought it was damn cold and on Thanksgiving (which I didn't know it is) everything was closed.....
  6. I've made some and like them to share go to: http://www.guillong.ch/tifico/JW%20Chicago.../jwchicago.html Does somebody else have Photos? Or even a recording??
  7. * Monsters, Beauties, Heroes features film excerpts from King Kong, Jaws, Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, Robin Hood and Superman. jUST A CLICK AWAY... Superman!
  8. Perfect, I will be there 25. and 26 so I will hear two different programms! Finally I will see the maestro live! Anybody know what contains Monsters, Beauties, Heroes *
  9. Since I'm responsible for the sheet music (and program) of an amateur orchestra in Switzerland I've contact with tnv since several years and we played some music. Unfortunately the Scherzo for Motorcycle & Orchestra is not among it.
  10. Greta, I have (parts) of First Knight score in front of me, where is that difficult? We will play that piece this winter. I have Never surrender, Arthur's farewell, Camelot, Promise me (=Main Title/End credits) and Arthur's fanfare. I agree with Hedwig's Theme, Asteroid field and Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra, we had problems playing those... we also skipped socerer's apprentice due to difficulties and played Batman suite instead I think there are different "problems" 1. technical problems of individual players 2. rhytmic problems of playing together 3. intonation problems
  11. I have tickets for the 25 and the 26. I will go with a friend from Europ to finally see JW live after I've seen Zimmer and Goldsmith, the only missing is JW. I'm very happy about this althought the flight is rather expensiv! Who knows if he will give another concert in Europ?
  12. sideways. very nice. Enjoyed it of course with a bottle of wine...
  13. Bought the CD yesterday. Seems to be released here. Had only the chance to listen once. was not completely convinced.
  14. well, 1941 is the signature edition, supposed to be the original, reviewd by JW with preface by himself. BTW: I have theme from Superman sheet music starting in 4/4 for 7 bars, then switching to 12/8 for later back to 4/4 and again back to 12/8.
  15. Thanks for the tip, have most of it now, few parts are missing. Very good concert!
  16. Hey, I was there, live. Unfortunately I was not able to record it. Does someone have a recording? Would be nice to hear it again! Thanks.
  17. Is A Bridge To The Past A window to the past on the CD? Or something different like Witches, Wands And Wizards
  18. I'm also waiting for this. hope soon, it will become possible to get it.
  19. Ilia is nice, but nothing more. Leia's theme is awesome. In comparison richer and more virtuous instrumented with a larger finale and of course a Horn solo and a melody to remember.
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