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  1. a bottle of Can Macu Penedes Spanish red wine (while playing Farcry and updating my homepage!)
  2. kafi luz (swiss coffee with Kirsch (burned water of cherries)) ( helps against sore throat....)
  3. Gerla 2001 (Vino rosso Veneto) again....
  4. Moraro 2000 Vino rosso veneto while scanning sheet music (godfather suite)
  5. Hal Leonard has put the March from 1941" Signature Edition online. Should become available soon. Still waiting for azkaban, Terminal and more. Enjoy.
  6. Miguel, thanks for your answer, I just decided to get the original recording. However, I wonder why some of the signature edition published suites have not been rerecorded and published, JFK is by far not the only one, Far and Away, The Patriot, Harry Potter 1 Children’s suite I remember. Are there any more?
  7. I'm looking for a rerecording of the JFK suite as published in the signature edition. Is there any? I'm talking about the traks: Theme from JFK / Motorcade (4:45 and 3:55) played together, or the Theme alone and Arlington (6:25) Thaks for information
  8. Thats good news! Thanks! Where do you know that?
  9. I remember the same concer in 2001 London (Thanks stefancos for the recording) during a piece I can't remember which one the Harp was not in the pace of Jerry, he conducted like hell to got the player in the pace he wants. There the audience coud see all the energy he still had. He was really intense, almost furious. Moments later, when the Harp solo was over, he was again quite and superior to the LSO. Another moment in that concert was as a trumpet player started to play one bar to early and Jerry of cours ignord that completely. Great memories!
  10. Wel Jason I played that piece some times ago with my orchestra. Really very nice little piece of music. I can send you a copy of it. However, the performance is of course of a non profesional orchestra!
  11. Is there a recording of the Patriot suite as published in the signature edition? Pleas help me, where to find.
  12. Hey ocelot: where to hire the movie music for orchestras to play? Do you have any address (besid the obvious I already know: tnv, Luck's music, Schirmer, Boosey&Hawkes,...) Thanks!
  13. chs058


    Thank you very much for your nice wishes. We will certainly enjoy our next step in life. And no you can't compare cats with babys. I've had both. they are completely different. Baby's are your own flesh and blood, that makes them endless more valuable, lovable and admirable. However a cat will not develope very far, while your kids will develop to full adult humans.
  14. chs058


    Last Saturday morning I became proud father. My doughter Ariane and her mother are fine.
  15. TNV: Thems and Variations Sheet music publisher only for movie scores and only for orchestras to perform the music. The City of prague orchestra is a good customer. Driving force behind tnv is John Waxman, the son of Franz Waxman. see:http://www.tnv.net/ ESB abd ROTJ sutes seems to be available also as rental sheetmusic. (I found them in the Bonner Katalog, a book with available rental sheetmusic.)
  16. Since : INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (1984) Parade of the Slave Children The Love Theme Finale & End Credits (includes Short Round's Theme & RAIDERS' March) 5:00 3:00 6:16 INDIANA JONES & THE LAST CRUSADE (1989) Indy's Very First Adventure Scherzo for Motorcycle & Orchestra Escape from Venice Belly of the Steel Beast End Credits (includes RAIDERS' March) 8:11 3:40 4:21 5:26 10:56 SABRINA End Credits (1995) are available by TNV for orchestras, those pieces are unlikly to be published in the signature edition.
  17. Which music should be published in the John Williams signature edition? (sheet music score and parts) Beside his complete work, what do you think is the most important piece that is not (yet) published ? I go for Jaws.
  18. the notation was take from: and: Best wishes, I will be ou 1 week for holidays. see you after.
  19. Maybe this helps, its from the same score
  20. Hint for #2: it is an older film and can be found on the internet. (the page is even linked in the links section of jwfan.net!)
  21. Yes, you both are right. Congratulations
  22. You are absolutely right. First and last are not williams.
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