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  1. Oh just found another one on my computer. Also not too difficult.
  2. Cool! Concratulation. I like this kind of quiz. more please. I have an easy one.
  3. Of course all the swiss alps collapsed behind me. Its now called the central europ plain! After collapsing, I was flying on a paraglider to the adriatic sea, waterskiing to venice, through the canale grande below the ponte di rialto, short after, I was behind a big ship with its screw half in the air tourning and argh.... The musicplaying was.... I think you know!
  4. Oh yes, the beer, that was in Munich at the Hofbräuhaus. I will have to go there again, It's a very nice place.
  5. Yes that's in the swiss alps. There ara also pictures from my holidays in Arizone January 02. See:http://www.analytica.ethz.ch/Members/Marce.../arizona01.html Below I'm skiing (also in the swiss alps)
  6. I think armageddon was quite entertaining, sometimes even hilarious versus the end unfortunately only ridiculous, but alway worth a laugher.
  7. Forgot another, Tears of the sun.
  8. In the swiss mountains there is always a lot of snow. I will have holidays next week, go to mountains an make som tours with skis. Since 2 weeks we have very nice weather in the mountains, and no changes next week. The picture shows my girlfriend some weeks ago!
  9. Hi. As some of you know I'm responsible for the program of a youth orchestra (TiFiCo) We play every semester some concerts, and like to play film music. We were founded 1996, and played already a lot of music: see http://www.tifico.ch/konzerte/2003-01/index.php (unfortunately in german) Our next concert will be next summer with *Far and Away *Carmen Suite *Skies (world premiere for Symphonic orchestra, composed by Oliver Waespi, CH) *Mask of Zorro *Lara's Them *and Finlandia as 1st. encore I am planning actually the concerts in Jan./Feb. 2004 So I ask for suggestions, what to play (not only Wi
  10. I have it since yesterday, and because I do not own a pressed copy of any of the original releases, I like this CD very much, althought the booklet looks pretty cheap, as similar recordings from City of Prague Orchestra.
  11. this is just too ridicoulus (I mean the comercial)
  12. 2005 ???? :wow: Thats pretty far away, maybe I'll go to US to see him before.... But I'll be there!!
  13. Well I have to say I did not like the movie. Neither do I like the score. I think it is just a mediocre film. Maybe I had too high expextations to the movie. It is better than AI but this is not difficult since AI is one of the worst movies I've ever seen with also boring score. Remember that this is a spielberg/Williams cooperation! (And they have done so many good things together.) Dear Spielberg I really hope you will make better films in future. That?s my opinion (in contrast to all the enthusiasm) to Minority Report.
  14. Propose him a sampler with different thems from different films instead of a single film. For the beginning, this is the best IMO.
  15. chs058 was my first login name on a computer at my universuity (ETH Zürich) that was back 8 years ago. I was chemistry student number 058. Not very spectacular.
  16. Finally I have more information on the CD. The tracks were not composed by portmann. Here is the link for the CD. There are more soundsamples on this webpage. The CD i've had was MX121 The Link: http://megatrax.com/frontdoor/cd_list.cfm Cheers, and thaks for your comments.
  17. Hm Taxi ride is difficult. amazon.com has three soundtracks with that track name. k-pax inferno the bone collector next: am I beautiful?
  18. Hmm, Thanks for your coments, they are interesting, since I do not know portman very well. My thought was that it sounds like Silvestri on Forest Gump.
  19. Hi I have a cd with unknown music. Does anybody know what it is, where it's from, who composed it? deleted link PS: The CD is labeled "Vol. 7 Drama/Romance"
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