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  1. As Chris Alfonso said, I have the recording of this two titles, but only live recordings from my orchestra. If anybody like them, contact me.
  2. French horn (obvious when you look my avatar)
  3. No. I do not thik i steal anything from anybody. I just help them to earn more because I make promotion for them. I tell you about an interesting album release and give you the ability to have a prelistening so you can judge yourself if I'm right in proposing you to purchase the album. By the way I think this is the thread about this topic. http://www.jwfan.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?...8&highlight=mp3 I think this discussion is
  4. I think we had this discussion before. My point of view: You may want to hear it before you order it. I think it's a free promotion for this album, if it is discussed here on this board. I never said I will provide you with the hole album or even the hole tracks. I just give some friends (?) a listening. So I don't make anything illegal from my poit of view.
  5. It seems like nobody have the album, so if you like some specific tracks please let me know.
  6. Has anybody heard this album? I just got it and there is a very nice interpretation of Hedwigs theme on it, as well as other stuff like a great Gladiator suite, some Lord of the ring music and much more! What do you think about the Hedwig's Theme interpretation? http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...5415697-3704618
  7. I suffer with you Chris. bawling And I hate it not to be able to see this film until october. :evil:
  8. All the best for you! and enjoy your birthday presents!
  9. Of course I meant something else, we are talking about sheet music here, so the sheet music is for hire, if you have an orchestra and like to play star trek with it, you are able to order this music from tnv. btw my avatar has been discussed in another topic. Is Hogwarts forever.
  10. Yes I used TNV but not for score colecting, but for my orchestra to play some fiim music. I tell you TNV is rather expensiv. We played LC end credits, Braveheart End credits, and once upon a time in the west. From Elfman we once playe the Batman suite. BTW: Have you seen, TNV has already ST X: Nemesis for hire!!!!!
  11. Both films are in away good, and in another way only ridiculous, but I asked about the score, not the film!!!! So please do not dicuss the movies but the music! IMO the music is in both films better then the films.
  12. There aren't alway two masterpieces in everybodys opinion to vote for, maybe next time. Althought I think both scores are very good, not top ranking, but almost excellent.
  13. I know i'ts a little unfair, since only one of the scors is Williams, but I think Independence day has the best Arnold score. And both films are by the same director. After Jaws (26) wins over Jurassic Park (21), and AI (25) beats very narrow HP (24), this is the third score competition. Curious on the result.
  14. TPM: 9 Angela's Ashes: 5 The Patriot: 7 A.I. Artificial Intelligence: 2 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: 9 Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones: 7 Minority Report:- (not yet seen) but from the CD alone <5
  15. the voting is as close as AI vs. HP!! very interesting. I voted for JP by the way, but I would not have given the oscar from SL to JP. I think Jaws is very good, and groundbreaking at his time (was not my time jut 2 years old) But for my point of view, now, at this time, JP is the better score. :!:
  16. What about Brendan Fraser?
  17. I agree completely! I was also there and it was incredible.
  18. Very simple: No. I don't like AI. There are a lot of better scores (IMO)
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