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  1. Saw this interesting tidbit about one of the few Williams scores I have never heard/seen. https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=28761
  2. I had the good fortune to have met him twice. Once backstage at the Hollywood Bowl ... and once at a Sony signing event at - of all places - Costco (with Yo Yo Ma!)!! JW couldn't have been nicer. It was his birthday that day, and everyone in line all sang him 'Happy Birthday' when he arrived to sit at the signing table. At the Costco event, I got him to sign my DRACULA LP. JW even made a comment of surprise when he saw it, as though he had kind of forgotten about that film, This was some years ago as now he plays a DRACULA piece in his concerts, from time to time.
  3. Wow = that is intriguing news. I've searched online and could not find anything about this - but thank you for the exciting share. DRACULA is my favorite, too! All those great themes and motifs. It's dark, romantic and creepy ... and the Herbert Spencer orchestrations are amazing. It's in that sweet spot of Williams' career, after THE FURY and before EMPIRE STRIKES BACK.
  4. DRACULA has always been my favorite score by Williams. So many great themes and orchestrations ... and certainly in a fertile period of his career, on the heels of STAR WARS, SUPERMAN and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. I have a small anecdote about this score to share. Back in 2002, to help publicize his new recording "American Journey", John Williams (along with Yo Yo Ma) came for s signing at a Costco (!) in Marina Del Rey, CA. An unlikely venue to be sure, but a blessing for me, as I live in the area. Needless to say, there was quite a line in the store. I had the great pleasure of meeting him and also Yo Yo Ma. I have uploaded a photo from that day. When I produced my original DRACULA LP for him to sign, he seemed surprised to see it, almost like he'd forgotten about it. I think he said something like, "Oh gosh, that was a long time ago". Yo Yo Ma looked over the cover and smiled. Both Williams and You Yo Ma were very nice. I got to shake both of their hands - and received a nice signature on my DRACULA LP! One other thing to add, maybe 5-6 years ago, I was at the Hollywood Bowl, and Williams conducted a haunting suite from DRACULA, with film clips. I know that he has input on what music he conducts when he is there. So perhaps he has a warm spot for that score after all. Let's hope that the score is discovered or re-recorded in its entirety.
  5. Sorry if that has previously been discussed, but it has been a while since I have been here. I understand that back when Williams wrote "The Mission" for NBC News, there was a CD released (I'm guessing pretty limited) with variations on his famous theme. Does anyone know anything about it - or where one could find the music? Thanks!
  6. That's great news! The Library of Congress also digitizes a lot of their materials, so it's possible that at some point, anybody will be able to access these scores for free. I'm curious, can you reveal how you know this? Someone I know was a guest in JW's home some years ago and saw them there - bookshelfs lined with the over-sized bound originals (handwritten in pencil). As far the Library of Congess, that's what he was told. Though I, too, would love an expanded DRACULA ... let's hope the original tapes / scores at the studio will one day be uncovered. It is a truly magnificent score, haunting and powerful. Not really sure what the criteria for LOC would be. But, presumably Williams breadth of work is recognized as a national treasure at this point. He has more Oscar nominations than everyone but Disney and he has scored numerous events related to this country (Olympics, inaugarations, the Millenium celbration to name but a few). I'd assume his contributions to the arts would be most welcome. Btw, I understand that Williams' mother lived just beyond the century mark, so hopefully the Maestro will be with us for a very long while.
  7. I guess it was predictable ... John didn't win. It irks me that he wrote such a complex, lyrical score for this beautiful film - only to lose again. And I have to say my perception of Alex Ebert as a great film composer wasn't enhanced by his appearance or speaking abilities at the podium.
  8. As SF1_freeze, correctly points out, JW has all of his leather-bound, hand-written scores in his personal possession. One would think that would be a good starting point. I happen to know that, upon his death - hopefully many years from now - they are to be housed at the Library of Congress.
  9. Of all places, I met him at a Costco Warehouse in Los Angeles! He and Yo-Yo Ma were promoting the American Whatsit CD and Sony Classical managed to get them both there. It was about two days after John's 70th birthday and when he arrived a few people in the line started singing "Happy Birthday" and soon everyone was joining in. It brought a smile to his face. John signed three items for me, which included albums of Star Wars and Dracula. I was pretty near the front of the line and despite very little time having passed for him, he was surprisingly unfriendly -- unlike Yo-Yo Ma, who couldn't have been nicer. It was a miracle I got to shake his hand and have a photo taken with him. Who knows, maybe signing autographs at a discount warehouse rubs him the wrong way. I am a grateful admirer, nonetheless.
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