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  1. The Bond films were my gateway to being a score fan. I didn't even know OSTs existed when I was a teenager in 1997. Then all the Bond films were shown in order each week on TV in the run up to the release of TND and I became captivated by both the series and its music. TND was the first OST I ever bought. I met David Arnold at the Royal Albert Hall in 2019 and he signed the TND insert. When I told him it was the first score I ever bought, he was actually quite pleased with that, and asked for the insert back and added 'hopefully not your last score!!"
  2. I definitely can't agree with The Lost World as one of the most overrated. I have a few of its tracks on my gym playlist so I listen to them regularly and I never tire of it. For example, from 5:55 in 'Visitor in San Diego' is absolute gold from an orchestration standpoint : the jungle percussion, the rapid horn blasts, the four note island motif, the low string glissandi becoming more pronounced as the track reaches its conclusion, and a few boom-tishes thrown in too. It is a very rewarding listening experience.
  3. I think Rise of Skywalker is up there with Crystal Skull as one of the poorest modern Williams OST in terms of cue selection, micro editing, and omitting loads of highlights.
  4. Despite the shortness of the album, I love this new score for what it is. Once the album duration was revealed, I had come to expect a low key score similar to Saving Private Ryan sans Hymn To The Fallen. The shortness and relative lack of diverse music has kind of denied us the usual ritual of analysing and discussing a new Williams album with about a dozen tracks comprising of multiple new themes and various action, dramatic, and romantic moments. So I'm coming to this score in the same way that I approached The Adventures of Han or Obi-Wan's theme - as a fairly discrete and small scale self-contained piece of music rather than a full new score. I've made a playlist of my favourite tracks which I find to be a very enjoyable, sweet, and beautiful listen. I'm definitely glad we have it.
  5. It's funny how this score feels both brand new but also like it's been part of JW's catalog for decades.
  6. I actually think the simplicity and small scale intimacy of the score means that it is his best chance in a long time of winning an Oscar. It seems like the type of scores the academy goes for these days.
  7. It feels a bit surreal and bittersweet listening to probably the last Williams score for a Spielberg film.
  8. I couldn't get a ticket but I'm not too disappointed. I've already seen him in Berlin and Vienna earlier this year. Vienna was my 8th time seeing him in concert overall. Hopefully someone who has never seen JW in concert managed to get a ticket that I would have bought instead.
  9. A lot of recent commentary about the passing of Queen Elizabeth mentioned that she was a constant for so many people, and I think the same can be applied to JW. I remember a time when composers like Michael Giachinno and Alexandre Desplat weren't part of the industry. Older fans will remember the same about Elfman and Zimmer. I remember hearing about the deaths of titans like John Barry, Jerry Goldsmith, and James Horner. But John Williams has been a constant presence in the film scoring world for the living memory of a vast majority of film score fans. There will come a time when future generations will look back at JW in the same way that we look back at composers like Herrmann and Max Steiner. Legendary composers who have long since passed. I'm really glad that I get to experience the era of John Williams and all that entails such as the excitement of a new score and of course being able to see him in concert.
  10. I still think it is a little crazy that a person who scored for Hitchcock is still scoring movies today. OK, it was Hitch's final movie, but still JW is definitely unique among composers today in that regard.
  11. It would have been incredible for JW to have met the Queen and the photos from such an event. He probably would have told her the Schindler's List anecdote
  12. Great to get official confirmation. Arise Sir Towner of Boomtish
  13. I wonder does this increase the chances that he will make a return trip to London to conduct the LSO after having to cancel previously due to health issues.
  14. Well, his comment at the end about living to 100 is adorable! https://twitter.com/TheLegacyofJW/status/1573344078133166080?t=-3DVOt-7R0wpWFSbhAnnwA&s=19
  15. After the Queen's funeral procession has been broadcast, I've seen some comments on Twitter that JW stole his Star Wars music from British funeral marches.
  16. 1998 at the Hollywood Bowl JW: "Now I'd like to play a little something from next year's new Star Wars movie. It is a piece called Qui-Gon's Noble End for when Liam Neeson's character is killed by Darth Maul. Enjoy" 😂
  17. The interviewer started talking about his 70s disaster scores but then immediately played Hook 🙄
  18. I completely understand that Peter and Vince want to move away from the BrBa universe given how much of their careers it has consumed. But I wouldn't be surprised if there is an El Camino type of movie focusing on Kim's life post BCS in a few years. Rhea seems to be willing to reprise the role at some point.
  19. Just started the Insider podcast. I find it fascinating that Bob Odenkirk and Peter Gould immediately addresses the lack of fireworks compared to BrBa, which has been discussed in this thread.
  20. Really liked that. Can't necessarily say I *enjoyed* it because it was quite a heavy episode especially with bringing back Marie which was a lovely surprise actually. But I certainly appreciated where Jimmy and Kim ended up. I liked that Kim came out of her shell and dipped her feet back into the legal world. Possibly the first step to becoming a lawyer again. I'm a little confused as to whether she is still vulnerable to a civil suit from Howard's widow? Vince and Peter have often said that the Breaking Bad universe often involves facing the consequences of your actions so prison is the most appropriate place for Jimmy. Tracking his character journey through BCS definitely makes him a tragic character. He came quite close to having a good elder law practice and spending his life with Kim which would have been a very nice life indeed compared to where he ended up. The only complaint is I would have liked to have seen more of Jimmy's decision making process on the plane to confess to everything. Nothing flashy, perhaps just an extended close up on Bob's face and let his facial expressions do the work, maybe also intercut with a flashback to Kim and Jimmy at some point to provide further context. Having a quick look on social media, some people are saying they disliked it. I suspect people who expected fireworks similar to Felina will be disappointed. The show is different and the second half of this season was never headed in that direction. In fact, you could argue that the episode where Kim and Jimmy break up is the finale to BCS, and the remaining episodes is a coda to the entire BCS / BrBa universe.
  21. And dare I say he might actually use that concept better than Voyager!
  22. I feel the same. I will definitely miss it. Thankfully both BrBa and BCS are extremely rewatchable which I'll probably do every few years.
  23. The main difference for me between Felina and the final episode of BCS is the lack of a villain to defeat. BCS doesn't have a Jack type character for Jimmy to beat, nor does it have a Jesse type character for Jimmy to rescue. You could go a little deeper and say that Saul and Gene are Jimmy's villains and he needs to exorcise them for him to fully come to terms with and accept the consequences of his past actions. So if there are going to be fireworks in the finale, it will be of the emotional and psychological rather than the physical kind.
  24. This video is very good at showcasing how Rhea's subtle acting defined Kim's character and how engaging she can be without the flashy acting:
  25. Whenever I rewatch BCS and see all the times Kim kicked ass as a lawyer, it'll be really sad knowing how she will spend years in a job where that talent is totally wasted. I see a parallel with Walter in terms of that wasted talent. Walt's chemistry knowledge meant he was massively overqualified for a teacher just as Kim's skill and intelligence is totally wasted as a brochure writer. They are both capable of achieving so much more than those jobs.
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