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  1. A few days ago, I was pondering abut the lack of John Williams releases of late... then this and expanded Always drop back to back, nice! One of my favorite creepy Williams scores. Wished it was expanded (if I recall, the film had some different material? Been years since I watched it, tho...), but I imagine that the new source materials being higher quality than the LP transfers anyway, so I'll gladly take it. That and I always support any and of the limited/remastered/expanded JW releases to support the work in order that they keep coming. -Chris PS - Wow, I was gonna' buy it on Qua
  2. CE3K and ET complete by LaLaLand?! NICE!!! Releases like these are what get me to dust off my old profile and sign in for a "YES!!!!"
  3. Nice! We now have another unreleased JW score off the list in Pete 'n' Tillie. Is there anything in the S&I Isolated Blu-ray score that isn't on the CD or vice versa? I skimmed through the thread quickly so I may have missed it if someone mentioned it already. If there isn't, it will save me time of having to record the music track on CD for my JW shelf. I got the S&I Blu-ray and didn't crack it open yet (In fact, I got two by mistake, so if anybody wants one for cost, let me know).
  4. Thanks, Jay. Yep, I made those crude rips just using the OST CD, a DVD with 5.1 analog outs, an analog stereo mixer, analog mixer and a MD recorder! No WAV editing or anything, as I didn't know how to do that then (I can now, but I edit very little of anything due to these modern expanded releases usually being pretty close to perfect or a fellow JWFan sending me his edit quicker than I can manage). Crude indeed by the standards of even rudimentary computer work let alone what a studio can do. They lasted for a few years and got their use, but as you said, many improvements came over the years
  5. Me too. Hate it every time, grit my teeth a little bit. It works for the mainstream audience, but the music intended and unused is superior. Overwhelming parts of the audiences don't buy film scores and have no idea the music intended for that scene. It is an example of what I mean though... it works, but many agree they should have not tracked that when the intended music worked so great anyways. Both JP and TLW suffer from tracked parts. In the film, sure, it works, but the intended music would've been better.
  6. Yes, there are moments when tracked music works. Even in TPM, or even in ESB. But usually I prefer the music as-intended, especially in the case of complete scores. Unless the as-intended music is so utterly bad/boring that the tracked stuff works better. Unsure if I remember the intended music for that particular scene.... It's that bad right now? Wow. The USD is working pretty good for me... buying a few things from Japan at the moment means I get a break for a change. It has been terrible for years now.
  7. As long-time JWFans know (many probably forgot me), I dust off my old JWFan profile to join in the glee at such glorious releases such as these. And as many remember, while JP complete will be fun but not a hell of a lot of extras. It is TLW complete is what I've always wanted, as it is the most tracked and worst edited John Williams/Spielberg movie - unusual for Spielberg, as he usually trusts Williams' instincts and sometimes edits the score to the music. This was a rare aberration from his usual methods, as the main themes were clumsily tracked into some of the film's highlights and ruin
  8. I saw it for the 2nd time myself tonight and I'm impressed some of you can pick all that out in the theatre. Sometimes hard to tell with dialog and sound effects. I recognized a LOT more in this 2nd viewing (of course, I didn't have either version of the score when I saw it the 1st time). Definitely more enjoyable being familiar with the OST CD and the FYC promo. Can we have a list that includes all music from both placed in an easy-to-edit order, complete with alternates tacked on at the end? That's kind of what I want to listen to more than cut up everything perfectly chronological (with
  9. I think I didn't hear a lot of these little cues in the movie because on opening night, every time an Original Trilogy character showed up on screen, a large chunk of the audience clapped, cheered, hooted and hollered as if cheering a live sports team or a live, in-house performance. Couldn't hear the movie for several seconds. Usually why I prefer watching movies with just a handful of people I know; i.e. friends and/or family. Planning on taking my brother in the next day or so with a small, afternoon audience that hopefully won't give an inanimate object film a standing ovation.
  10. According to Facebook that Michael Trig guy only lives a 3 hour drive from me. Perhaps I'll pay him a visit and extract the info from his skull like Kylo Ren. And fail like Kylo Ren did.
  11. I agree 100%. That's why I think that the possibility of it being one of Snoke's other scenes (possibly an unused alternate?) is strong. Does anybody remember where his other scenes were in the chronological order? I've only seen the movie once and before I had either version of the score. I'd put it in as one of those other scenes.
  12. I was wondering this as well, because it's not a typical full-blown "Concert arrangement". It's unremarkable, yet dark and ominous, as if it is underscore for one of Snoke's small scenes. If it is a full concert arrangement, then Snoke's theme may me the most unremarkable ever. At least for a main bad guy. Then again, Emperor's Theme didn't come out until ROTJ, and the ominous underscore during his Empire scene was abandoned in favor of it. Also, in trying to make my version combining the best of both, is the Spreadsheet everything or are there differences not represented when you follow t
  13. I believe in the world of writing, it can be called truncated? Sometimes many may go unnoticed until you get the whole piece and note the missing parts. Often unimportant, sometimes you can't believe it was taken out.
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