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  1. I agree 100%. The film score is a lot to take in because it's quite different from the OST album, but the album as well. So much more in this mix that I hadn't noticed in the original Varese OST CD -- and I listened to it a ton (one of my favorite Williams '70s OSTs). Really a great release, and worth the wait for me! For a while I was wondering if it'd ever get made! Thrilled with this release.
  2. The pic did catch my eye, I must admit... How can you just order 'Yes, Gorgio'?! Well, the vinyl and cassette are easy finds, yes, but the actual CD is one of the rarest out there. It was the hardest and last one I tracked down, and the most I ever paid for a single CD. West German pressing, I don't even think it was sold in the US, possibly just Europe. And there's a promo/boot with the Michael J Lewis score, and a promo/boot coupled with SpaceCamp, too, but the actual Decca CD... was my bane until I got it! For the longest time I had a nicely done CD-R in it's place until one surfaced on eBay a good 10+ years ago. I never see it listed anywhere, maybe twice in the last 20 years (one of which I bought). I got two sets -- one set from ScreenArchives and one from Intrada (still coming)... do I write them both about replacement discs as well? Do all of the sets have this issue, or just some?
  3. This was one of (if not definitively) my most wanted expanded/remastered scores!!! We basically had nothing except the OST, which I love. So thrilled to get it. Listening to it now... the remastered OST is excellent -- hearing stuff I never noticed before, and the film score is a welcome full CD length! Been waiting to crack open the recent Blu-Ray of it after I become more familiar with the film score (very familiar with the album). Absolutely LOVE it! What the?! That's not for real, is it?! Fooled me for a sec! Hade me scrambling to Target's site, Yeah, it's been a goal of mine since the 1990s to have every CD release of all of Williams' scores. And I don't sell the OSTs when a new expanded/remaster comes out, either. I used to get even re-pressings with different covers and such, but I had to draw a line somewhere for my sanity's sake. The hardest ones to get for me were the 'Yes, Giorgio' OST and the original pressing of the 'SpaceCamp' CD (before Stefancos turned to evil, he helped me find that one!). It kind of stuns me when I hear 'Goodbye Mr. Chips' is so hard to get, now?
  4. Huh. I've known that guy for years and yet always his thinking is always a mystery to me, lol. Odd that he blocked me out of the blue. I only knew he blocked me because I have an app that informs me and other profiles still see him.
  5. Are you speaking to me, Jay? Yes, I got it a few days ago as well. Enjoyed it, especially the alternate End Titles with the melody of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" interpolated into it. I logged in here to see what others are saying and saw my last post had some replies. Also, I noticed Stefancos just blocked me on Facebook today and what, he doesn't post here anymore? He having a mental breakdown or something? Strange lad, that man. lol
  6. I never left, but kids and work and JW not putting out a ton of work means that I don't sign in as much, but I'm still around, and will almost always stop in when there's a new WIlliams release.
  7. I got mine a few days ago from Intrada, cheapest shipping AND fast. Sound quality is definitely improved from the old bootleg CD transfer of the rare LP, and the prior CD release. Can hear a lot in there that I had never noticed before. Big improvement. Big fan of this score. Dark, twisted and tormented. Two cues are two of my favorites in Williams entire career, and the others are... well uniquely creepy in a dark room, that's for sure. Wished the entire film score was also included... damn.
  8. A few days ago, I was pondering abut the lack of John Williams releases of late... then this and expanded Always drop back to back, nice! One of my favorite creepy Williams scores. Wished it was expanded (if I recall, the film had some different material? Been years since I watched it, tho...), but I imagine that the new source materials being higher quality than the LP transfers anyway, so I'll gladly take it. That and I always support any and of the limited/remastered/expanded JW releases to support the work in order that they keep coming. -Chris PS - Wow, I was gonna' buy it on Quartet's website, but yikes the shipping was sky high for me, so Intrada gets my business. Much more reasonable.
  9. CE3K and ET complete by LaLaLand?! NICE!!! Releases like these are what get me to dust off my old profile and sign in for a "YES!!!!"
  10. Nice! We now have another unreleased JW score off the list in Pete 'n' Tillie. Is there anything in the S&I Isolated Blu-ray score that isn't on the CD or vice versa? I skimmed through the thread quickly so I may have missed it if someone mentioned it already. If there isn't, it will save me time of having to record the music track on CD for my JW shelf. I got the S&I Blu-ray and didn't crack it open yet (In fact, I got two by mistake, so if anybody wants one for cost, let me know).
  11. Thanks, Jay. Yep, I made those crude rips just using the OST CD, a DVD with 5.1 analog outs, an analog stereo mixer, analog mixer and a MD recorder! No WAV editing or anything, as I didn't know how to do that then (I can now, but I edit very little of anything due to these modern expanded releases usually being pretty close to perfect or a fellow JWFan sending me his edit quicker than I can manage). Crude indeed by the standards of even rudimentary computer work let alone what a studio can do. They lasted for a few years and got their use, but as you said, many improvements came over the years. All can be put to rest now... this set is going to rock. And I try to stick around, but usually if there isn't a great new release out, I have nothing much to say and then I don't login as much as I'd like to. Off of work for a week too, which enables me to get some free time to log in as well. And Neil wasn't a part of this one? I thought I saw his name on it. Maybe because his name is on so many of these releases, I THOUGHT I saw it, haha. I can still keep the thanks in for his usual efforts on many of these releases, then.
  12. Me too. Hate it every time, grit my teeth a little bit. It works for the mainstream audience, but the music intended and unused is superior. Overwhelming parts of the audiences don't buy film scores and have no idea the music intended for that scene. It is an example of what I mean though... it works, but many agree they should have not tracked that when the intended music worked so great anyways. Both JP and TLW suffer from tracked parts. In the film, sure, it works, but the intended music would've been better.
  13. Yes, there are moments when tracked music works. Even in TPM, or even in ESB. But usually I prefer the music as-intended, especially in the case of complete scores. Unless the as-intended music is so utterly bad/boring that the tracked stuff works better. Unsure if I remember the intended music for that particular scene.... It's that bad right now? Wow. The USD is working pretty good for me... buying a few things from Japan at the moment means I get a break for a change. It has been terrible for years now.
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