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  1. Definitely into SOMEWHERE IN TIME. More Barry expansions is always a good thing.
  2. I'd be all in on a JP3 release, but I'm also on kind of a Jurassic kick lately because I've been playing Jurassic Park Evolution (stupid Steam sales, get me every time).
  3. In recent years, absolutely. It stands head and shoulders above the sonic wallpaper most films get these days. Of ALL TIME? The competition there is stiffer, but it's still a lot of fun.
  4. I can verify that Plex is a great solution if your computer is running 24/7. They've actually made huge strides in improving their music library functionality in the past year or so. PlexAmp on mobile in particular has some stellar "radio" algorithms. The negative, of course, is that while Plex actually has an incredibly robust metadata library that automatically matches music, it's imperfect for soundtracks, as most databases tend to be. And obviously it'll never match any bootlegs you might have. Luckily there's a checkbox you can tick for "Prefer Local Metadata" that'll catalog all the music with your own tags as needed.
  5. My go-to is always THE FACE OF PAN, specifically from WILLIAMS ON WILLIAMS. Sad, angry, whatever, I'll just loop that track for a while to level me out.
  6. D'oh, sorry, misread the post above yours about the "shmoe."
  7. While this is just some rando's reordering of music we already had, I love OST presentations and definition wanna give this a shot. One of my favorite scores.
  8. Big fan. While I'm all-in on Cinemascope, I'm always fascinated by those open matte VHS tapes that were uncropped from the original film so there's, like, boom mikes hanging over everyone's heads. Although nothing can measure up to the NEVER-ENDING ASPECT RATIO that is Disney's Circle*Vision 360.
  9. This release is gonna be great, but wow, that cover art does the movie, the score, and my girls dirty. VS really needs to hire a better art department (assuming they have one; maybe this was just a desk jockey whose "real passion is graphic design."
  10. A Goldsmith noir that no one has ever actually heard before? Yes PLEASE. I was always fascinated with this movie as a kid and I'm not sure I even WATCHED it. I just dug the aesthetics.
  11. Spider-Man 2, Superman '78, every 90s Batman (Elfman, Walker, Goldenthal), Thor, X-Men. Rocketeer if it counts. It's a common complaint, but too many modern superhero scores are sonic wallpaper to me. They should be thematic and bombastic, but most of them just slide off my brain.
  12. If we're being honest, I think a wild animated Lord of the Rings battle sounds pretty radical. I mean, who knows how it'll actually turn out, but the idea is sound. Color me intrigued.
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