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  1. Not sure why this got bumped, but I'm here for it. In addition the notables above (the knockouts are American President, Addams Family, City Slickers), he's largely known for composing on Broadway these days. Hairspray, the songs from the Broadway TV show Smash, and the stage adaptation of Catch Me If You Can are tops.
  2. Dang, those mystery 4 Q1 2021 titles have me electric. I'VE GOTTA KNOW.
  3. Somewhat of a retread of the first score, but this is still something I'm really looking forward to having.
  4. HECK YEAH, KAMEN THREAD. There hasn't been an official score release of Highlander outside of the 20 minutes, but there's a whole mess of bootlegs in different configurations, with varying degrees of quality. I'll admit, it's a score that I love but definitely gets kind of repetitive. I still want an official copy of it badly.
  5. Dang, I'm always late, but this is really exciting news! Totally dig this score. It's got... I dunno what to call it... zest? It's just punchy and fun.
  6. I bit the bullet and got the Disneyland release, just to collect it. As expected, it has nothing new. It's basically just the old 50th Anniversary CD with DCA stuck to the end. Probably the laziest release of this series.
  7. I thought it was the original, but I can't really tell without a close comparison. I only believe that the Disney stuff is partially rerecorded because the score playing while Frank is on the bus sounded decidedly newer than normal 60s Disney recordings. But this is all from memory in the theater, so who knows.
  8. I really enjoyed the film, and the music within it. Speaking to my area of expertise, from memory, I'm pretty sure Giacchino rerecorded the orchestral portion of "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" that plays while Frank is on the bus, but the chorus it segues to is definitely the original 60s version, unless they got really close soundalikes. Pretty sure the chorus from "Small World" is likewise the original, though I suspect Giacchino may have rerecorded the orchestral portion for that too, to aid in the transition to his own original score. Anyway, that explains why the Richard Sherman was in
  9. I have waited a LONG time for this. Return to Oz is one of my absolute favorite scores.
  10. Bleh. Nothing on that Disneyland album I don't already own on two, three, or ten different CDs. Even its use of some "vintage" cuts like the Rainbow Caverns music isn't unique: the album is basically just the 50th Anniversary 2-disc with DCA tacked onto the end.
  11. The recent press release notes that it's 2 discs of Disneyland and 1 disc of DCA, which has me worried that it's just an Official Album with a fancy label.
  12. Aw man, now I've gotta wait months for the Disneyland CD? BUGGER. That thing fascinates me, because I can't imagine what's on it, for good or bad.
  13. Let's hope so. I have a really nice 30 minute version of the score without any of narration from the source tapes. However, remastered music would be awesome.Yeah, Horizons recording sessions, complete with the conductor calling the slates, have been out there forever. Sadly, like most park material that's been leaked, it's pretty crappy, and probably stems from an old cassette tape. A CD release of that material would be a godsend.
  14. The Shermans wrote several iconic songs for Disney Parks, including Tomorrowland. "There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" is the most iconic, hailing from the original Carousel of Progress. That song was later replaced with another Sherman Brothers tune, "Now Is The Time." Also in Tomorrowland, but somewhat less likely to be sampled, is "Miracles From Molecules," the Sherman Brothers's theme from Adventure Thru Inner Space.
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