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  1. We're flying to Vienna with just carry-on luggage, so I don't think I want to stuff a suit in there.
  2. I'm the one on the right. The truth is finally out. Off to edit West Side Story byeeeeeee
  3. I have seated tickets for Sunday and a couple of standing tickets for the Saturday concert. I'll be there from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening and my wife is coming with me. Hurray!
  4. But a film shot at a high frame rate played back at 24fps will still have the shorter exposure time inherent to the high frame rate. Which means less motion blur than we're used to, leading to a crisper look than usual.
  5. The troll sequence is so prominently referenced in The Lord of the Rings, there would be riots in the streets if they hadn't included it in The Hobbit! I mostly find the exposition in An Unexpected Journey to be hindering to the pace. Never mind that it takes Bilbo a goddamn 45 minutes to start on his quest. At least those 45 minutes are evenly paced, if slow. But when he finally leaves Bag End and the movie seems to start in earnest, we get the introduction of Azog and the flashback to the fight at Moria and the movie grinds to a halt again. It is also the first time the film really can't seem to make up its mind whether it's about Bilbo or Thorin - a problem that only becomes more prominent as we progress through the trilogy.
  6. I'm getting to see John Williams conduct an orchestra in real life. I still have a hard time believing this is something that will happen within three months from now. He could conduct Pirates of the Caribbean for all I care.
  7. I watched A.I. again this week. It's a fascinating film, but I find it so disjointed and unsatisfying. It really feels like Spielberg inherited the first act from Kubrick, which raises all these interesting philosophical and ethical questions about love, simulation and the need for human connection, only for Spielberg to then get completely caught up in OMG IT'S A SCI-FI PINOCCHIO STORY and never saying anything interesting or definitive about these questions again for the rest of the film. The score, however, is gorgeous. It's been a while since I saw Minority Report, but I remember finding it a lot tighter and more thrilling. I'll probably revisit this soon, but for now I prefer this movie over A.I.
  8. I read the Reddit article. Thanks for the deep-dive! But one of your arguments seems to be "if it was shot in principal photography, it was planned, so you can't say there wasn't enough prep." While I would argue that given more prep time, the filmmakers could have honed done the script more so that all the stuff that feels so added on would have been told more efficiently or scrapped altogether, making for a tighter, less bloated experience overall.
  9. Sort of. It also linked to ongoing discussions about current tv shows and stuff like this. But now we have this, exclusively for Williams-related stuff.
  10. I guess. There's been an overkill of content lately and Star Wars just bores me these days. I even have a hard time getting into the ST scores. Anyway, I got two tickets for this. Hurray! We'll be up on the balcony above the orchestra, but it looks like we'll have a good view of Williams conducting, so yay!
  11. I don't recognize The Rebellion Is Reborn. Could that be from Episode IX? Oh. Its from TLJ. Never mind.
  12. Wasn't the color problem with the FotR EE only present on the Blu-ray? I remember that looking strikingly off, while the EE DVD looks the same as the TC. That said, I went to a cinema last year where they screened the Extended Editions off a DCP and FotR had the correct colors. So there should be a proper hi-res version out there. I hope they use it for the new discs. Also, now would be the time to finally release those Ultimate Edition bonus materials they held back on all those years ago!
  13. I have a chance to pick up this series for a good price. It looks like a mammoth read, though, so I'm looking for thoughts on this series. Is it any good? Is it a slog to get through or a fascinating read? Should I get this?
  14. I'm still not sure I liked the way The Wire ended. I like the final scene, but the show took some really weird turns in its final season and it left a lot of things hanging (although I guess that was part of the point). I've never seen The Shield, but I keep hearing about it. Is it really that good?
  15. I'm halfway through a Remixed & Restored for Titanic. It's sitting on my hard drive, waiying to be finished. Perhaps we should join forces.
  16. There's at least two cues from the film that I know off the top of my head that are not on the Varèse release: there's a short cue for them exiting the elevator at the Sedgwick hotel and a short march for them preparing to face off with Gozer during the film's climax. I believe there was also a short cue on one of the bootlegs that supposedly accompanied Mr. Stay Puft's hat falling down to the street after he has been obliterated. This moment is not in the final film. So it is possible some previously unreleased music has been dug up, but knowing Sony, I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  17. Whew. This was on top of my to-get-list. Glad I was able to order one from them this morning!
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