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  1. In all honesty, it's getting harder and harder to find physical media in the Benelux, particularly older catalogue titles. I've been importing my Blurays of older films I want to own from the UK and Germany more and more over the last year.
  2. Aww, man. I only saw this now. Is there going to be a repeat broadcast of this so I can record it? I'm only just in time to watch The Imperial March now. I assume they will forego broadcasting the twenty minute standing ovation. EDIT: I don't think I've ever heard the piano this prominently mixed into the Imperial March. Interesting.
  3. I was wearing my Jurassic Park T-shirt for that performance!
  4. The final applause was nuts. How wonderful to have been part of it!
  5. You can still go to Berlin if you want to. I have a spare ticket for Saturday. You can sit next to me!
  6. This is now confirmed. Which means I have one spare ticket for B rechts, row 8, seat 21. Will sell at cost price. PM me.
  7. My wife had never been to Vienna and has never been to Berlin. We were vacationing in the French Alps a few years back and took a daytrip to Italy. We had to choose between driving to Milan or Turin. We chose Turin, joking we'd go to Milan "some other time". Well, there ya go. Also, I'd never been to London before 2018.
  8. I jokingly showed this to my wife, thinking she'd scoff at going to another one of these concerts I kept telling her were our last chance to see the man. Instead, she went "well, I still want to see Milan one day. Might as well go next year." John Williams might become the reason we get to see half of Europe at one point.
  9. Circumstances have arisen so that I may have one spare ticket for the Saturday concert. I will know by the end of the day. PM me if interested.
  10. Well, I guess I'm going to this. Just the Saturday concert, though. Fun!
  11. Well, I couldn't help it. I've ordered the Live Edition 2CD.
  12. So basically, you're waiting for John Williams to die? That's morbid, dude.
  13. I enjoyed the HP2 episode as usual, but no love for more of the original material? I love The Flying Car, the spider stuff and the big cue for the Basilisk fight at the end. These always remind me that there's still half an original John Williams score in there and it's pretty damn good.
  14. I found myself. Hurray! Good thing I wore red. I've already spotted some other JWFanners who had seats more in view of the cameras too.
  15. I got my Blu-ray yesterday. I haven't watched it yet, but I think I might have already spotted some JWFanners on the inside cover.
  16. There was also a time when every Mission: Impossible movie would have a new director to keep the series fresh. By the time this is released, McQuarrie will have directed four out of eight of these. So yeah.
  17. It's hard to imagine what 2018 would have been like if Williams hadn't fallen ill. I would have seen the man conduct two world-class orchestras in the span of less than ten days. And even after the replacement and rescheduling these concerts still became legendary anyway.
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