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  1. There was also a time when every Mission: Impossible movie would have a new director to keep the series fresh. By the time this is released, McQuarrie will have directed four out of eight of these. So yeah.
  2. It's hard to imagine what 2018 would have been like if Williams hadn't fallen ill. I would have seen the man conduct two world-class orchestras in the span of less than ten days. And even after the replacement and rescheduling these concerts still became legendary anyway.
  3. If Williams had been able to attend the London concert, we would have torn the house down.
  4. Birds of Prey got good reviews? How? Why? It's awful.
  5. More importantly: will we finally get all that 20th Anniversary Edition goodness that was promised back in 2002?
  6. Well, apparently there's an open bar at the Oscar's and they have been there for over three hours now, so...
  7. Just play them off like they did to that poor Hair & Makeup lady.
  8. How long are these Best Leading Role speeches? Get on with it!
  9. Joaquin's speech is going well. Is he going to shoot someone?
  10. I was expecting 1917 to do better tonight. I guess it's Parasite's night though. But I'm happy Deakins took home his second Oscar. Well deserved!
  11. Or... those who voted have a different opinion on this score than you do and her gender doesn't enter into it? Pretty surprised Bong Joon Ho beat Sam Mendes for Best Director! Could Parasite be the big winner later tonight as well?
  12. Good for her! And that score was very effective in the film!
  13. Lots of "hurray for women" going on tonight. To the point of feeling forced. Here comes that Best Score Oscar for Joker, I guess...
  14. Randy Newman is looking more and more like a John Goodman/Stephen Root mashup.
  15. I've been making my way through this over the past weeks. It's a nice listen during my morning and evening commutes. Particularly the episodes concerning Williams's early work were insightful, as I'm rather unfamiliar with anything predating Jane Eyre. I know it's far too late now, but I wish there was some attention to the commercial releases of each score as part of the podcast. It would be nice to know what was out there and which version to look for after hearing each score discussed.
  16. I don't know every bit of unused music, but I think my favourite unused piece is the low piano written for the first glimpse of the AT-AT's in The Empire Strikes Back.
  17. That looks familiar. I'm pretty sure I was sitting right behind the guy who filmed that!
  18. I was in the balcony above them when they did that the first time. Judging by their faces, they weren't expecting the applause they got. I think that was my favourite part of the whole concert.
  19. That's okay. Too bad I didn't get to talk to everybody, but it was a great time nonetheless!
  20. Bit miffed I'm cut out of the picture. I want my tip back!
  21. Well, he is in his late eighties. If he wants to go home to water his plants he has every right to.
  22. Sure. But it was probably too late to have Williams and the orchestra return by the time the decision was made to track in the adventure theme, so I guess they had to work with what they had.
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