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  1. Just listened through this yesterday. It sounds fantastic. I've always loved the rerecording, but it's something special to have the OST also.
  2. Forgive the incorrect aspect ratio, but this shot is one of the most beautiful moments in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. A ray of sunshine after Bond's difficult escape.
  3. Blimey, did the person who did the typesetting not know how to beam 8th notes?
  4. Finally shipped! YEAH! Trouble is I'm heading to England for two weeks tomorrow and it won't arrive until at least Friday. NOOOOO!!!!
  5. Still "Awaiting Shipment"...!!! The Land of Giants set had better be bloody good, considering it's the reason for holding my shipment up.
  6. I ordered the set along with SL and the Land of Giants set, and I'm still "awaiting shipment" too.
  7. So mine won't get shipped until the Land of Giants set is ready to go. That sucks. Land of Giants was supposed to start shipping on December 7. Besides, the price LLL charged for shipping you'd have thought they'd have mailed them separately. If they'd charged a 7 dollar flat rate for multiple items fair enough, but I paid something like $18 for domestic shipping. Boo.
  8. Well bummer. Maybe I should have stuck with my Fantasy Worlds Irwin Allen box set Seriously though, fair enough. Just a shame I probably won't get this set before I leave Ohio to visit my parents in England for the holidays.
  9. Still "awaiting shipment" here. I ordered all three new Williams releases together (Potter, Schindler, Land of Giants.) I was only about 35 minutes late ordering. Never known it take so long. Does anyone know if any of those sets have sold out yet?
  10. Glad it's not just me. This is like waiting at the baggage claim at an airport watching everyone around you getting their luggage off the carousel, and gradually starting to suspect your bags didn't make it. I hate that feeling.
  11. Ordered along with Schildler's List and Land of the Giants. Damn, that was a lot of money for shipping, about 18 bucks. I'm surprised they don't keep shipping to a minimum.
  12. I think 1982's Black Orchid was the only pure historical after 1960s Who.
  13. I did know that. He's equally unhinged as B.O.S.S. Classic who has so many wonderful over-the-top villains played completely straight (not played for laughs, but sometimes getting unintentional ones.) My absolute favourite is Harrison Chase in Seeds of Doom, which is also my all-time favourite Who story.
  14. Oh you should see it. Shoddy CSO backdrops (and some awful acting from the mother on Metebelis 3) aside, it's a really fun story. Lis Sladen is particularly good in it, but I also enjoy John Dearth as the bizarrely wicked Lupton, and the character of Tommy has a very nice arc.
  15. I preferred his music to the first three episodes. I just felt it was too intrusive and bland in episode 4. The whole sound design felt very compressed, though. I wonder if it's a setting on my TV (unlikely as everything else I watch sounds fine), or (more likely) the way BBC America broadcasts audio.
  16. I wish someone would write Jodie some dialogue that is less naff, or that is too much like previous Doctors. I feel like she's not getting a chance to make an impact in any way other than being the first female in the role. Some of this is down to the way she's playing it, but an awful lot is down to the way her Doctor is being written. Why does every Doctor since Eccleston have to babble like an imbecilic child?
  17. I (cough) can't say I ever saw that picture (cough)...
  18. Yesterday's episode was fun. Nice creepy (crawly) monsters. Still not sold on Jodie as the Doctor. I don't hate her, I don't love her. She's just sort of there. I'm still waiting for that one moment when she commands my attention and I suddenly think "That's it! There's the Doctor!" As for the music, I've NOT been a fan of Murray Gold for the last 5 years or so. One of the things I was most looking forward to this series was a much-needed change of composer. That said, the music for yesterday's episode was awful! Just a load of ambient sound that was mixed so high as to be really distracting. It might have worked better if it was quieter in the mix, but as it was balanced it was very irritating. I watched it in the US on BBC America, and I wonder if their audio signal is over compressed. How was the music balance in the UK? By the way, the new Mr Men Doctor Who book has come out: Dr. Thirteenth. All the other Mr Men Who books have had the Doctor equally naked, so why am I finding it slightly disturbing that Jodie's Doctor is only wearing boots? LOL
  19. For me the two Geoffrey Burgon Who scores from series 13 are the pinnacles of Who scores. A small orchestra with effective use of processing effects. Both scores were released on one CD about 15 years ago. Great stuff! https://www.amazon.com/Doctor-Who-Terror-Zygons-Seeds/dp/B00003XB2C/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1522337339&sr=8-3&keywords=seeds+of+doom+cd For me the music has been an issue with the recent seasons of Dr. Who. In the classic series there would be a main composer for each season, but there would always be guest composers taking over for several stories. It kept the sound of the show fresh, and really helped make stories like Seeds of Doom and Terror of the Zygons (and Sea Devils!) have a distinctive feel. I'd love to see that happen again - several composers used each season. Probably not going to happen, but still something I'd love to see.
  20. Me too. Wow, they are slow! I was expecting this to ship on release day. I have a copy ordered for a friend for Christmas and I need to mail it out before Dec. 15. Not sure I'll even have it by then at this rate!
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