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  1. This is somehting that should only be seen once. I saw it during the one and only tv broadcast. Where did you manage to see it? AFAIK GL said he would never let this be seen again.
  2. Umm Think you are referring to His son Jean Michel Jarre. He's the synthesist
  3. And of course I listen to JW on it. I have all of my JW soundtracks loaded on my 30mb unit. I'd love to get some of the Hollywood Bowl shows to load up on it as well. Craig
  4. Hi all, Has anyone heard what if any differences there are between the Digital RotS and the celluloid release? I remember hearing that there was going to an added scene or two but have not heard a peep if there is any extras between the two. Thanks
  5. Being a bit of a Bond afficonado, (I prefer the books to the movies however), here are my favorites: Connery: Dr. No. - The 1st and possibly Sean's best outing as 007. From Russia with Love - Close to the book, not a lot of gadetry. Good Spy thriller. Goldfinger - 1st of the "formula" Bonds and one of the best. You only live twice - Acting so-so, plot so-so but visually one of the best. Lazenby: On her Majesty's Secret Service - Hews very close to the book. very little SF/Action elements. with only one movie hard to tell how the actor would have grown in the role. Moore: For your Eyes only. - the best of the '70s Bond. Moore's most realistic take on 007. Not as much humor as the rest of his turns as Bond. Dalton: The Living Daylights - Dalton's 1st turn as Bond, and very close to the literary take on the character. Cruel and efficient killer. Unfotuneately the movie was originally written for Brosnan, but re-written when he could not do it. Licence to Kill - I like Dalton as Bond. Brosnan: I like them all, but the stories are too SF in nature. If Brosnan has done something like From Russia with Love could have been the best Bond.
  6. BigJohn, I take it this was was your first bowk experience? Don't feel stupid. There is nothing wrong with getting dressed up for a night out at the bowl. My wife and I will often get dressed up to go to dinner. I think it brings an air of lost civility and panache in a world that is sorely lacking in such. As for food, don't worry. I did the same thing the 1st time I went there. With the narrow spacing between the seats eating food is not the most comfortable thing to do there, let alone storing the stuff when you are done. In past my wife and I used to bring a picnic basket, but this year we opted for a softsided cooler that fit under the benches. I agree with your seating idea, but in the past sitting towards the side meant having some of the view cut off by the shell. This year good views were visible all over due to the new shell..
  7. Hi all, Well Sat. Night was a great night for JW. fans in L.A. I took my 2 14 y.o. sons and my wife to the Hollywood Bowl. The night was warm, with just a slight marine layer coming in. The 1st half was dominated by the Olympic themes, barring the opening Cowboys theme. At one point 30 L.A. Olympians came to the stage and Bruce Jenner gave a nice speech about the Maistro & his Olympic music. The the music resumed. The new shell made a big difference IMO, the sound was clearer, and the view seemed much better. After a brief intermission, the orchestra and JW came backout for the second half of the show. This is what most of the audience was here to listen to, JW's movie music. He covered almost all his major works, including Superman, Harry Potter (no Hedwig's theme, but Wizards, wands, and Mischief instead) , Indy, Amistad, and a couple of others I can't remember. then came the encores. ET, and a suite of Star Wars selections, Yoda's theme, Imperial march and of course Star Wars main theme. All in all a wonderful night of music.
  8. I did, it was back in 1980-'81 time frame. JW was rehearshing for a show in the Dorthy Chandler Pavillion here in L.A.. I went with a friend of mine who owned a record store at the time. He did not want to meet JW, but I did, and even got an autograph! I just need to remember which record I stored it in. I think it is in my Superman soundtrack. I'm going to have to check it one of these days.
  9. I like it. It is a bit disjointed for me, but I'm betting that when it is all put together in the movie and we get to hear the unreleased bits it will flow and fit better. I do hear stuff that reminds me very strongly of CE3K, Star Wars, Catch me if you can., and a few other JW themes. Over all I give it an A.
  10. Hi all, I'd love to hear this, but work has a fire wall installed that will not allow it, and at home, I'm too busy to sit for an hour and just listen. I'd love to be able to liten to this on my train ride to/from work. Please PM me where I can find the MP3s. thanks Craig
  11. I just checked my original widescreen collectors edition of the original trilogy. There are already clouds going across the face of the lower sun in the closeup, so have no fear lucas has not changed that. As to the sabers being cleaned up and made right, I just have to say its about time. this should have been done for the special editions. drop greedo shooting forst and fix the sabres. dagnabit!!!!Craig
  12. Actually Spielberg has been persuing TinTin for years. Below are some links that talk about it. The 2nd link has a good story on it. Looks like we will get one eventually. Based on SS's prior movie music history, it stands to reason that Johnnie will score it as well. http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=13890 http://observer.guardian.co.uk/internation...,906058,00.html http://search.news.yahoo.com/search/news/?c=&p=tintin
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