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  1. Will you be using samples or live orchestra?
  2. hmm Lost World is great with all the timechanges
  3. My collection is complete except for Home Alone and Harry Potter Childrens Suite
  4. In order of.... Percussion Tuba Trumpet Double Bass
  5. Nice to see someone refering to Tippett
  6. Does someone actually have this book?
  7. try this: http://www.johnwilliams.org/reference/sheetmusic.html
  8. I would also recomend Michael Tippett´s String Quartets, Stravinsky´s Concerto in D, Three Pieces and Apollon Musagéte (the Stravinsky pieces are for string orchestra)
  9. Hi all First off all: I don´t have JP full score. For studies of John Williams writing I recomend Bill Wrobel´s site: http://www.filmmusic.cjb.net
  10. He will be missed, a wonderfull conductor, I had the honor to play under his batton once. (Sixten Ehrling was also pricipal conductor for Detriot symphony orchestra 1963-1973 and professor ar Juliard 1973-1988) 8O
  11. ...yes I´ve played it, really nice...
  12. So far: I haven´t donated yet, but I will (5-10 euro) 1*5-10euro = 5-10euro I haven´t donated yet, but I will (10-20 euro) 5*10-20euro = 50-100 euro I haven´t donated yet, but I will (20+ euro) 4*20-? euro = 80-? euro in total so far: 135-190+ euro (another 4-6%) (but only 19 votes so far)
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