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  1. Make it three And Four And i dont know anymore. Heck, in this one it seems james bond a side character in some turkish dancers film
  2. Bad news for me! I love Giacchino Marvel music... But well, i hope Elfman at least keeps fully Giacchino's themes. Specially after all what he said about Batman and Superman....... It's really sad the thematic continuity of the Marvel universe, so many iconic heroes that dont really have anything near superman march.
  3. All we need is size-adaptative TV screens so they morph in the desired aspect ratio to eradicate the black bars
  4. Happy belated birthday maestro!
  5. I dont know if there would be a more specific thread for this... Does anyone here collect jurassic park merchandise? If affirmative...does anyone have 1993's "jurassic park the boardgame" and "jurassic park dinosaur escape" card game?
  6. Lets hope the Willow TV series makes the soundtrack expansion possible soon and not the opposite, James Bond way of thinking :/
  7. Like some of the hasbro toys lol.
  8. Holy f*cking shit XD Worse than "bad times at El royale", for example? IMO Rogue one has has some worthy highlights. I want the complete score
  9. What a sad message from kramer. Really the industry innards seem to be full of shit. and its very sad to hear he is struggling to make a living.
  10. Luke is sporting Aunt Beru's hairdo XD
  11. Jay, i have tried Nvidia streaming games service, GeforceNow! And i really liked it. I played jurassic world evolution in a crappy computer at full visual settings, and didnt experience any lag or disconnection. It uses your steam, uplay and epic libraroc but only in selected titles. I tried the free version where you have to wait a qeue to enter. It really works if you dont have a good gaming computer...and dont want to buy one just for one or two games that interest you.
  12. I think i said this already, but since some flying birds in the phantom menace make that flutish sound, i believe it is a dinosaur call. or maybe jungle sounds.
  13. Well im sure deepfake tech can be improved by SFX companies to mend its rough edges, to make it Silver screen compatible. But using money and resources to detailedly replicate a CGI face seems today like a waste, when they could be used to generate or improve the quality of scenery or vehicles or things like that.
  14. In the HBO spanish series "30 monedas" (30 coins) the have used deepfake technology to rejuvenate the main protagonist priest and the main antagonist, using young footage from the actors. For the main antagonist though, since he had been mainly a stage actor, so there was not much footage of him, they have used a younger actor that resembles him. I think its convincing although it may look a little 'soft'. But its a first being used in an official production, isnt it? The looks good, i think there is english dubbed track available if you are interested.
  15. i just randomly came by this mattessino interview released yesterday. https://thedigitalbits.com/columns/history-legacy-showmanship
  16. You can make a decent backstory with the main story points...not all 100% details needed be canon. For the casual moviegoer it would be the same as with the sequel trilogy: there is a 20-30 year gap between trilogies and dont have a clue how the galaxy arrived to that point. I am a star wars fan and dont have a clue...and im not going to read any new books, so i will never know. Im sorry but they alienated a third or a fourth of the fanbase with the legends label, and made mediocre films. The legends trilogy could have been equally mediocre but would have ha
  17. They were in the perfect spot to start a new trilogy with jaina as leader of the jedi, with a full.new cast, having the old three just retired. Just a happy cameo of the three together and create a new threat and story for the new jedi. At least the writers of the films would know where all of that came from, unlike the new trilogy that was made as they went...and now are fullfilling the holes between trilogies in a cheap fashion..since they cannot interfere with future film or tv projects...
  18. Disney could scrap the pirates of the caribbean reboot, and start doing monkey island films....
  19. Could it be a test recording to warm up the orchestra and tune the recording equipment?
  20. I dont know, it was the names of the tracks "within" the cd or something
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