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  1. Im torn on ordering this right now and pay shipping fees twice this month...or wait until the inevitable great release on black friday from either Intrada or LLL to bundle it. :/ heck what a coincidence, the full score runs 74 minutes it could have been released complete on cd in the 80s already.... yes it was the Lp restriction...they could have added the tracks to boost cd sales...like they now do with LP sales...
  2. Ihope the set is chronological. I want the song as the end credits
  3. I ripped cd1 and it sounds fine (no scratches in the cd anyway) I ripped cd2, and halfway the album no glitches sofar, even when it has a pair of little scratches near the hole, where the 1st tracks are burnt. I'll check the second half today.
  4. Oh, then it fits. Ironic horner the guy who beefed up his osts at maximum...left the score incomplete when it fit one cd
  5. Isnt the ost over 70 min long? Unless they drop the diana ross song (which i hope not) i dont think the unreleased 15 minutes fit there... This was the 1st film I remember watching in the cinema. Fond memories :')
  6. Heck, i could have bundled wotw with this one :/ just for the record...this is a lucasfilm co-produced film...
  7. I hope they base the series in the official sequel novels, as a refined outline, not a direct transcription, even if they detour a little from them. I mean..i know they want to impress the audience with plottwists...but lord of the rings and game of thrones already had the novels and they were still succcessfull. I dont want another star wars post rotj reboot again. And most important ..most people in the world dont even know a sequel trilogy of novels was written....
  8. As in what would you find in any pressed CD. 100% Pristine CDs are very rare.
  9. I have been called-kicknamed "jesse pinkman" by my friends...so that would be me I have been called-kicknamed "jesse pinkman" by my friends...so that would be me I have been called-kicknamed "jesse pinkman" by my friends...so that would be me I have been called-kicknamed "jesse pinkman" by my friends...so that would be me
  10. I just noticed drew struzan made some uncomissioned arwork for the trilogy. Maybe someone wants to make covers with them. (This is not a request, just a heads up for someone interested because these are a year old and i just found them on the net...so..) https://io9.gizmodo.com/holy-crap-drew-struzan-did-three-incredible-posters-fo-1831875051
  11. I checked mine and there was just a small scratch on disc 2, something that i would consider normal. Both played fine.
  12. Yesterday's acceptance speech video from the maestro: https://www.rtve.es/m/alacarta/videos/premios-principes-de-asturias/john-williams-discurso-premio-princesa-asturias-2020/5686237/ Damn...its dubbed in spanish. Must be in english somewhere
  13. My copy arrived, but the postman passed by in the 30 minutes i was away from home....so its at the post office. Pretty quickly. Karol, Between the 10th and 15th i did not get any tracking updates. Literally it leaved the US and then appeared at the local post office
  14. It would be nice if you could order CDs and be able to order out of stock items (not OOP, just not available at the moment) at the same time so they could reserve items and prepare the order as items come back in stock. I wouldnt care to receive things way later (months even, as long as a I was 100% sure I would get them. I'm mean paying everything in advance of course. But it would save alot in shipping.
  15. In retrospective..it is a little depressing to think how much money many of us here invest in shipping fees when that money could be used to buy soundtracks :(.
  16. Oh. I remember robbie saying "who are they, terrorists? And tom cruise says "no, robbie, not terrorists"
  17. IIRC, Its robbie who mentions the terrorists, not the little girl.
  18. I hope so...it sounds very similar to palpatines opera scene in rots....
  19. One would think big composers like powell or giacchino would have more ego and want to release their own material only...and haab, would want to show what he is best known for, expanding and adapting williams material...truncating with microediting his compositions and arrangements is a weird decission if its a personal one and not the publishers'....
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