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  1. I was thinking on an assembled official thing.. with a chair and a table and people pass along. But yes, with the virus better not risk it.
  2. Is there any possibility of an autograph session in any of the days? I may bring my toothless JP booklet just in case... Oh i see. Makes sense. There would have been if there was no covid? It seems something wearing to do for an old man.
  3. It would be nice if they fixxed it… one wonders what would have happened if there had been a prior digital release of the little mermaid….
  4. My dream is to come full circle and see williams conduct jurassic park. I hope that pne remains in the final program then.
  5. Its official: https://www.berliner-philharmoniker.de/en/concerts/calendar/details/53783/
  6. Ok got my flight tickets too. Goddammit it's not cheap lately. I wish i could had grabbed a concert ticket weeks ago.
  7. I predict the scores with existing bootlegs. BOT4J hook last crusade and sugarland are unlikely though.
  8. Can I take a photo with my phone? It says videos and sound recordings are not allowed... But i can take a photo (without flahs) when Williams enters or something? I need to take a photo myself, lnot only look at press photos or something......
  9. Ok, i would like to make a recount of what we need to enter the concert...in order not to miss anything and be denied entrance! -Covid vaccination certificate (or equivalent - official PCR test, recovery certificate) -register on entering the Philharmonie via the Corona Warn app, the Luca app, or at our information desk. (what is this...which one is better? And when to do it?) - Photo ID, I suppose this means my country official ID card or passport. -the ticket: physical, printout or digital file. -FFP2 Mask. -Clothing: what are you gong to wear? I dont want to stick out in either way... -Entrance to the concert opens around 1h before the event. Is that all?
  10. Will williams reminisce on his beloved (if concert performance are taken into consideration) "Indy's very first Adventure"?
  11. I opted for a digital ticket as i feared the physical ticket could be lost by the post...is there a way to get a physical ticket in the box office there? It would be a better memorabilia than the printed out foldout... :/
  12. Ok, I finaly got one ticket for Saturday. I couldnt sleep..and casually checking the site at 2 pm...there it was. I got a little anxious because my wife was asleep and i couldnt check if she was ok with it... although a few days ago she told me that I should go or i would regret it my whole life. She probably was not going to be able to travel at that time. So, i have been a little lost lately...is there going to be a meet up before the concert? I'll probably will stay the weekend there, but in Potsdam where some friends live. I hope underground and trains are ok after the concert...as they dont have a car to give me a lift :/...
  13. It’s curious, to me, La palma always looked like the template they used to create most isla nublar maps in jurassic park merchandise in the 90s… and now “mount sibo” has erupted…
  14. Yeah…all that money and they wont correct it nor (god forbid) issue replacement discs…
  15. You omitted the zimmer crap on purpose, i supose…
  16. Towards the end of the finale in one of the stereo chanels the a segment is repeated. It sounds bad.
  17. Anybody bought the little mermaid recently? i dont think they would have corrected the finale…but just in case…anyone should check
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