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  1. John Williams speaks with Ennio Morricone’s wife about his pointless Star Wars criticism.
  2. I would love to see Return of the Jedi suite (Parade of the Ewoks; Luke and Leia; Jabba the Hutt; The Forrest Battle) Asteroid Field; Han Solo and the Princess and Here they come! would be very nicel too.
  3. Actually, Gerhardt's version added a section (namely the wonderful woodwind/muted brass chase when the TIE Fighters blow up one of the pilots) that wasn't originally part of the Suite. Yes! That's right. But may be Mehta version was shortened? I have conductor's score of The Battle and its identical to Gerhardt recording. No need to include SW Main title and the Arrival to Naboo (Coruscant) and ESB Finale Jar Jar Adventures is a clear waste for me. Cantina Band are fun but interrups the flow of the symphonic score. Omit one or another and the rest should fit 90 min/800MB CD-R.
  4. This quote from Charles Gerhardt Liner Notes to the LP. Mehta and Gerhardt "The Last Battle" are the same but Gerhardt's tempos quite different especially at the very end of the piece. It is original Williams composition. SW Main Title and and the Arrival to Naboo (Coruscant) was not included in Conductor's Sheet Score edition of The Phantom Menace suite, so it is not an official part of the suite. Talgorn recording of this track is intolerable for me (second half) but performance of The Flag Parade and Adventures of Jar Jar are good.
  5. Yeap, it really was the height of arrogance. I can't remotely imagine Williams saying anything like that. Can somebody post a link to this interview, please?
  6. Those are my favourites Marlon Brando / Vito Corleone in The Godfather Al Pacino / Michael Corleone in The Godfather I & II Robert De Niro / Noodles in Once upon a time in America Kyle MacLachlan / Special Agent Dale Cooper in Twin Peaks Harrison Ford / Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones I to III Jack Nicholson / R.P. MacMurphy in One flew over the Cockoo's Nest Sylvester Stallone / Rocky Balboa in Rocky (part I + II) Kevin Spacey / Lester Burnam in American Beauty
  7. Agree 100%! Somebody should say this at last!!! They ruined the fantastic ending of Raiders with this Warehouse scene. Its another evidence that Spielberg and Lucas arn't as creatively smart now as they were in 80-th. I have strong imression that KOCS script and direction was much more fanboyish than Darabon't script.
  8. Top Three: The Sixth Sense The Village Signs -- -- Unbreakable -- -- -- -- Lady in the Water The Happening
  9. I miss this thing and I can't download it now. Can somebody help me with this? PLEASE!
  10. I tought she need Jones and Ox to find the entry to the lost city? Isn't it?
  11. 2004 - Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 2002 - Catch Me If You Can 2001 - A.I. Artificial Intelligence
  12. He said he was offered but declined this offer. He didn't want to manoeuvre between Spielberg, Ford and Lucas. Are there any known inpressions from those who read Darabont's script?
  13. True! Just compare the fight between Ford and Jijikin to fights with Pat Roach. The way Indy beat Dovchenko was just unbelievable (almost like frige scene) and unremarkable.
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