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  1. From Comingsoon.net Eric Bana Starring in Spielberg's Olympics Film Source: Variety Friday, June 11, 2004 blablabla Spielberg's intends to follow his summer project with a winter start on The Rivals, the Robin Swicord-scripted DreamWorks drama about catfighting 19th Century stage divas. Spielberg then hopes to direct Tom Cruise in a Paramount/DreamWorks adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds, which is being scripted by David Koepp. Thus the next William scores we will be awaiting are the Olympics, The Rivals and the War of the Worlds. Nicenice. I'm interested in what he will come up with for the Rivals.
  2. it really is a celesta. i have the score. its only celesta with pedals for the first bit. then later for the second version of the theme (GBGBGCBnaturalA#), there's a violin tremolos to backit up. Then theres the crazy string passage, followed by theme in Alto flute, English horn, basoon, vibes and harp. Hope this helps.
  3. That's an awesome story. Hehe, expanding CD collection to the 245 in 25 months. I only did 12 JW in 12 months. And that already took me my utmost restraint too. My story is very unlike any i have read. I am a student who loves music. Heck, i write songs and the sort, orchestrate them, fiddle with modes of limited transposition. One day i was fiddling with the pink panther song when my music teacher goes, "I love that song." I'm like "me too." "Mancini wrote it." "Yea." "Ah...Mancini. He was a nice guy." "He was a nice guy? You knew him?" "Indeed. I played with him." Doing. I was like wtf?! He played with Mancini. So my teacher tells me how he recorded with mancini. (He was a cellist.) And I'm like whoa, so cool. It turns out he grew up in LA and going into music in LA naturally meant going into hollywood. So he tells me all about his wondrous stories with mancini, and goldsmith (how he liked to dress up in jeans ALL the time). Then he's like "but on the other hand. there's williams." "williams? who's williams?" "john williams? you don't know him?" "nope" "what?! he is THE composer of film music. name the best songs from any movie that come to your head." "star wars" "Jw" "indiana jones" "jw" "et" "jw" i'm like...omg this is insane. so i think of a tricky one. "jurassic park" "jw" Of course, i'm shaking cuz this is crazy. "he's so good," i blurt out. "Indeed. I recorded with him." I'm like WHAT?! YOU RECORDED WITH HIM!? And so he tells me of his concert experiences with JW and recording. But then he says JW is also snobbish. i'm like impossible he's so good. turns out that jw hates hiring younger musicians for recording film scores. my teacher thinks he's too good. but then he has alot of his scores (sheet music) and lends em to me to study. and so thats how i was introduced to JW. Somewhat different from most people, but something cool i thought to share. Oh, and then it was pretty cool cuz it turned out my friend's uncle was Howard Shore. hehe, i wanna meet him, mebbe get his autograph .
  4. hehe. johnnyecks. wrong newman. i was talking about EL NEWMAN, monsiour alfred himself, famous for that lovely fanfare. of course, i forgot to mention steiner. absolutely love his now voyager score. if you don't have it, GET IT!!!! It's so good.
  5. Haha, that was interesting. Got slammed. And no, I'm not the horner fan. I'm a williams, newman and goldsmith fan. Dudes, I've learned to orchestrate from williams, so dont call me a williams hater. I'm a true fan, but i thought it was very interesting as i was listening to all my Wiliams soundtracks (i hate the missouri one tho)while studying.
  6. I only know of these songs which one can purchase the original score for: The HAL LEONARD ones Across the Stars, Adventures on Earth, Call of the Champions, Angelas Ashes (Theme and Angela's Prayer), Close Encounters, Concerto from Trumpet and Orchestra, Concerto for Tuba, Cowboys Overture, Devil's Dance, Dry Your Tears Afrika, Catch Me If you Can(Theme, Recollections and the Float), Suite from Far and Away, Five Sacred Trees, Happy Birthday Variations, HP:SS (Hedwig, Stone, Nimbus, Wondrous World), HP:CoS (Fawkes, Chamber, Dobby, Gilderoy), Hymn to the Fallen, Lanes of Limerick, Liberty Fanfare, Olympic Fanfare and Theme, Olympic Spirit, Patriot, Raider's March, Sabrina, Schindler's List, Seven for Luck, Star Wars( Theme, Yoda, Leia, Imperial, Throne Room) Suite from JFK, Summon the Heroes, Superman March, Days Between, Lost World, Phantom Menace (Fates, Anakin's, Jar Jar, Flag Parade), Home Alone (Merry Christmas, Somewhere in my Memory, Star of Bethlehem), Fluffy's Harp. Then I know of these other ones: America: And the Dream Goes On Star Wars Symphonic Suite (Theme, Cantina, Battle, Here they Come, THe Little People, Leia, Throne) Do you know any others originals (like JP, and where?) that i can buy that are not on these two lists? Thanks.
  7. I've noticed that Williams copies himself many times. For example, alot of his action cues uses the following rhythmic pattern in trumpets. Key: / = eigth note, | = barline, = eight rest 6/8 / / / / / / | / / / I've heard snippets in JP, MR (and I think HP-SS and ET.) Then of course, he used a JP melody in AOTC. In the last minute of My Friend, Brachiosaurus, he has a flute solo which sounds just like something used in AOTC. Other than the blatant copying of Yoda's theme in ET (hehe, it was absolutely intentionaly), I'd say the maestro is running out of ideas.
  8. Anyone have any idea which songs are going to be released on the JW signature scores series? I am eager to purchase the latest one. In addition, does anyone know if Shore's LOTR symphony is going to be released? thnx.
  9. tony69


    I found it. its by Musikvernuegen or something along those spellings. its a LA based music production company that does commercials and trailers (reminds me of Media Ventures.) its entirely original and for just this movie.
  10. tony69


    Do you know what trailers also used that music? It's been driving me insane to find the source of the music from the trailer.
  11. The recording on Summon the Heroes is not the same of course. I have the score, and they added several things in the introduction to the piece such as the drum roll, and the crash cymbals.
  12. tony69


    The trailer for the movie of Troy. The music with the string octaves. Does anyone recognize the music, or who it is by? It sounds pretty good, but i doubt it is Horner's score because Horner just wrote and recorded the score in the last 26 days. I don't think it would be Yared's music since it was dropped in March. So does anyone have any idea?
  13. two? only one you mean. and this is kinda urgent. i'm performing this piece with a friend but would like to obtain the violin/piano version mp3 so i can listen to a professional recording.
  14. Does anyone know if the Sabrina Theme in the JWsignature edition scores is recorded? This is the one for violin and piano. I've been looking so hard for a Cd with it or even an mp3. I keep on getting the piano solo version from the movie, but not the violin version.
  15. shore hasn't posted one. i could try and ask him if he is going to publish one since he's my friend ex-uncle. but, to respond to your question, the LOTR symphonic suite arranged by john whitney is quite good. it only has fellowship themes, though.
  16. Whoa, where do you get these? These are very sic! Are you in the business or something?
  17. I was wondering where one could obtain John Williams Original Scores. I know there is the Hal Leonard John Williams Signature Series for much of them. Are there any other ways to obtain the scores?
  18. My advice would be to get them to get a copy of the mp3 of what they are playing, and rehearse with the music. Ranges, of course, have to be lowered. Perhaps fit in some last minute extra rehearsals, but you don't want them to blow their chops. I guess the best strategy would be to rewrite some of the music. as mentioned trombone has no power, so transfer some parts to horn or trumpet. I was wondering, however, where you obtained the original version of Jurassic Park. I could not find them from Hal Leonard's JW Signature Series. That is my third favourite John Williams Piece (followed by Harry's Wonderous World, and Star Wars Main Title).
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