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  1. actually it already was performed back in mid 2005 at massey hall in TO and kitchener i believe it was:P. i missed it due to sold out tickets. damn.
  2. lotr symphony recording - anyone have it? secret recorder in thier clothes? or something? i mean we do have williams's horn concerto. maybe someone has shores lotr symph?
  3. haha when i saw this msg i was hoping it would be NON film composers. meh but i do like: steve reich (i saw him in person, wow...a true genius) philip glass john cage penderecki gyorgi ligeti
  4. actually a documentary is being considered. course i dunno if it will actually get approved, but considered it is. thought you guys might be interested to know...
  5. did jw look disappointed? i was too in shock to notice.
  6. didnt williams compose all the music? and i quote the filmscorerundowns website.
  7. john williams of course. they were good friends. so that would be the perfect homage.
  8. who's getting it this year outa curiosity? the Lifetime award?
  9. didn't lotr have an enormous orchestra? cuz i recall the lotr symphony needed 150+ people. so MAYBE it also needed a large orchestra?
  10. haha munich was a good score... outside the film. when i saw the filim, i found it to be so lacking. so it does deserve to get 3 votes haha. which is a good sign. no one in the academy will vote for it, and instead they'll all load up memoirs! YAY.
  11. who's this dan hobgood fellow? i'm sorry but i dont know my film critics (or whatever). or is he the goldsmith fan from the past who kept on arguing that goldsmith was so good and williams was crap on this board? he got banned if i remember correctly. and i agree with fieryangel. he wasnt trying to be im SO good when he told the schindlers list story. its a funny story and he was just making an anecdote. he is a modest and shy guy.
  12. but then again 2 reasons why williams could lose. 1) brokeback. it needs to make a statement. best way by oscar sweep. 2) williams is disliked in the industry. respected but disliked because of his awkward personality. so some people will vote for anything but williams, explaining why williams score lost to some trivial score in years past. like HPPOA to finding neverland. NOTE: this could be a bad generalization since i am basing this on a small sample of people i know who vote for the oscars.
  13. nah. 3 reasons why williams will win. 1) it is the best score this year 2) williams campaign is working i think 3) williams is old and he's pretty likely gonna die in the next 10 years(he's 74 right?). very sad, but face the facts guys:(. i think this will be his sympathy award.
  14. haha. i do too. rots obviously paved the way for the later scores. out of curious, does anyone look for continuity between scores? what i mean is a score composed after another chronologically? such as, me hearing star wars in the later movies composed by williams. in particular, the harsh string writing in anakin's betrayal creeping into munich (i think it was). the evolution of williams style between scores.
  15. regarding the music business, i know the from people that play on the scores composed by williams. of course i'm only getting a very narrow perspective because these people work with him all the time. and regarding his concertos, i'm talking from a conservatory/person studying music point of view:P. so i have been a bit conditioned by the classical stream. i still hold to the opinion of his lack of a cohesive form and the lack of emotional quality. by form, when i look at the scores for the concertos, i dont see a good use of motifs that get developed very well or across sections, which is extremely significant for the classical composer. for the film score composer, it is much less emphasized tho it does appear in many instances (in particular batman has the batman theme = love theme but with different modes) I want to emphasize that i believe this is not williams fault. he IS very talented. but its the film scoring process that has conditioned him in various regards. his extremely different movements (since film scores require sudden changes). or his dependence on reacting to a visual medium has somewhat hampered his writing/emotional quality. look at his past concertos in comparison to his later ones. flute concerto beats his clarinet concerto. HAHA. it is very endearing. people watch the documentary on hermman. its so good. and no williams is no dictator. mahler on the other hand was.
  16. Well, I love Williams too, more than any film composer in the last 30 years. But let's be honest for a moment, Jerry Goldsmith could write circles around Williams, not just in originality, but in composition in general. its interesting to read between the lines, of this newbies posts. It reaks of backstabbing to me. Sorry but you could not be more wrong. John is the most elegant and humble man. He's soft spoken, and appreciative. Jerry had the big ego, John isn't so brassy. sigh... this thread reminds me of something i said before about johnny. he's really shy. and because of this, when he's with other professionals he does not know well, he distances himself from them to the point of seeming wierd. and it is THAT which makes people think he has a big ego (to the peopel who didnt know, professionals truly think williams has an ego). but williams doesnt have a big ego, he just seems that way. tho his famous comment about losing oscars is also why people claim he has a big ego, though i think johnny was joking. jerry had a big ego. he knew that he was a good composer. i agree with timescapre or whoever posted the message that jerry was the more original composer. by far, he definately was the most creative one of the two. johnny was the more technical one. so why was jerry not as big as johnny? connections. johnny has spielberg who makes good movies. jerry did alot of movies, but crappy movies. and people would say 'damn jerry, you did it for the money' because the movies were literally crap. thus, the score got little press. johnny on the other hand chooses his movies with care. lastly, about williams concertos... they are not that good. the best one that i have recieved favourable comments on from classical people is his flute concerto. its an serial piece, however, john made it sound good unlike most other serial pieces. the rest of his concertos aren't good in comparison to other famous concertos. i think the reason is threefold: a) lack of commitment. he writes these pieces in between scores. i dont think he spends the time he should. B) lack of inspiration. i think johnny has worked for the film industry that now he DEPENDS on the spotting session. he himself said working on something totally creative is a strong problem. he is used to getting the rhythm/pulse from the spotting session so he knows mm130 or whatever. as well, he doesnt evoke the emotions well because he is used to responding to the spotting session. that's the method he works by; going to the movie without ever reading the script. i think if johnny did not do film music, he might be a much better composer for classical compositions. c) his pieces technically work but seem forced. he does use contemporary techniques but he can't make them sing/memorable. nor is it very continuous throughout the concerto. remember bernstein's mass? ya, that's the problem.
  17. i dont know. i think brokeback has a strong chance but crash is really coming up. lots of competition. brokeback will probably get more wins but crash might* win.
  18. does anyone else think that on your scale of jw that memoirs should not win? like with ET, the score was absolutely stunning, especially the last 15 minutes. STar Wars, yup. schindlers, definately. jaws maybe. but with memoirs, i cannot think of the whole score shining. the only moments for me are confluence and the chairman's thing. sayuri's theme is beautiful but not memorable in the movie. so that's my shpeal. i personally dont think memoirs will be remembered in 30 years as a really good score. but it IS the best score this year (arguably. i like rots very much too, especially the direction jw took with it). the other scores were crap.
  19. How about Wagner, Prokofiev, Stravinsky, Mahler, Copland, Beethoven, Mozart... They earned it too! well only wagner had the biggest ego on there. mahler and mozart woudl be asecond. mahler for his conducting however. stravinsky was always yelled at for moving to neoclassicism for instance. but i think williams maybe ego tripping a bit. but he still does not think he's that good. i strongly feel he wants to be accepted by the classical community. they dont really like his music, and his concert pieces (actual concert ones) have not been that good comparatively on an inspiration level. so i think he feels that he is still lacking.
  20. AND more importantly, there's more pics of natalie portman , who may i add still looks hot bald. haha, but i do like the liner notes. and the more music part.
  21. the best is either esb or rotj. the others pale in comparios.n
  22. songs are beautiful. i love shuberts songs. and strauss's.
  23. well williams got baftas, golden globes AND too much celeb power. i think he really wants it. by some slim chance will another score win imo.
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