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  1. So what competition is there now for Best Buy in terms of a brick and mortar store? Their prices are probably going to go up now. The sad thing about this is I can no longer claim to have bought every James Bond movie at Circuit City. I bought the "Ultimate Edition" DVDs there and the recent Casino Royale 3-disc set. Circuit City had the best prices on those. As those stores will be liquidated this may be a good time to pick up some electronics at lower prices. Neil
  2. Today's Film Score Daily reports that Williams started recording this score 31 years ago today. Neil
  3. I bought a used copy of the record with a sticker on it that says, "More Brilliant Music from the composer of 'STAR WARS' and 'CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND'". I agree. Neil
  4. 5 stars. How can you not mention "Gillian's Escape"? That's a fantastic cue. And of course "For Gillian" and the finale of "Death on the Carousel" ("Gillian's Power" on the film version). And the movie is very good. Neil
  5. I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Montalban at a screening of Star Trek II in 2002. He's really not dead, as long as we remember him. Neil - who will watch "Space Seed" and Trek II in his honor this weekend
  6. And a good storyteller would be sure to cut these moments out, but that's not what this discussion is about. A movie is over scored when the music is so omnipresent it no longer provides the emotional backbone needed to be effective. Just as much can be said by the lack of music. Neil
  7. "General Grievous" is a cue that I enjoy on the ROTS album and probably could repeat over and over again. But it's no "Enterprise". Neil
  8. I also happen to understand Steef's sense of humor. I'm not sure Miss Padmé has one. Neil
  9. I just gave "Anakin's Betrayal" a listen. It sounds so generic. The choir makes it seem like every "Lord of the Rings" knock off, trailer music written today. This guy wrote Superman? Neil
  10. Sorry Neil, but according to the reply you gave, you don't respect it. And no one's name calling. Yet. Perhaps your definition of name-calling differs from mine. I see her responding with "idiot" to one of my posts. What would you call that? And yes I absolutely provoked a discussion about music. That's what this board is about. Sadly, the music part of that seems to have been lost in this thread. Neil
  11. I've been discussing her opinion. I went after the opinion. She chose to come after me, the poster. There is a huge difference there. She can like "Anakin's Betrayal" all she wants. I didn't call her names over that, nor would I. I respect her opinion but I refuse to tolerate name calling. That's not what happens in a good discussion. Neil
  12. Steef has time and again displayed a vast knowledge and understanding of the world beyond film music. He has been a good friend and he loves cats. To call him that is wildly inaccurate. Besides, it's not like he picked some second rate Williams cue from a third rate picture as the cue that blows him away. He picked a stunning Goldsmith cue, one that isn't really talked about that often (unlike the war horse "Enterprise" that I picked), and as is usual with Stefan, he's right! "The Treatment" is a fantastic cue, and one I can listen to all day. Neil
  13. The question is, "Which one blows you away?" not "Which one blows?". I know it's confusingly worded. Neil ooh wow. very funny. .as Mr. Cosman would say: Idiot! Steef would never say such a thing to me! Neil
  14. The question is, "Which one blows you away?" not "Which one blows?". I know it's confusingly worded. Neil
  15. Especially when it's edited properly! "The Enterprise". Neil
  16. When you have so much space, might as well just encode everything. Neil
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