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  1. Are you familiar with it?


    What do you like about it?

    The score has a lot of variety to it. "Klingon Battle", doesn't sound like "The Enterprise", which doesn't sound like "The Cloud", yet it's apparent they are all written for the same movie. I'm sure for Goldsmith this was just another job (albeit one with a tremendous amount of pressure) but when I listen to it, I can only sit back and think, "This man had the same 24 hours in a day that I have and yet he created this". It is a stunning piece of music. It cannot be written off as just a film score. It is a tremendous artistic achievement and it should be in every record collection.

    What don't you like about it?

    We don't have a legit release of the whole thing.

    How do do you think it works in the film?

    It fits like a glove. I like that the score carries the movie. The lack of time to get the proper sound effects dubbed into the picture gave Goldsmith the opportunity to have his score pick up the slack.

    What are your favourite tracks?

    "Klingon Battle", "The Enterprise", "Vejur Flyover", "Spock Walk", "The Meld"


  2. 5 stars. The absolute best of the best. There is no comparison. Great music, great performances (no one ever got the main title to sound like this) and great sound. This is the score to beat. I love it, love it, love it. To not like this is to not like great music.


  3. You know, I remember being really surprised when I saw that one scene where Aronld fought that guy on the elevator, ultimately ending in the dismemberment of that guy's hands ( or was it arms?). I was really expecting Aronld to say something like, "Thanks for the hand", or some other bound-to-be-infamous one-liner, but he did not. I thought that restraint was impressive.

    He does say, "See you at the party, Richter!".


  4. It's funny how you all praise Thorne on Superman II but tear apart and bitch at Ottman's score for Superman Returns, even though Ottman did reuse the themes but he had a more of an original score than Thorne did for Superman II.

    Thorne > Ottman


  5. I love this score. I don't know if I could assign a number value to it, but it's really well done and enjoyable. Ken Thorne is a very talented musician and his ability to get pre-exisiting music to work as well as it does speaks volumes about his ability.


  6. Personally, I think Total Recall is a joke with respect to its screenplay. The lines are beyond bad and the acting is not much better. It begins well with its set-up but once it moves to its 3rd act, things go downhill faster than an olympic skier.

    The audience was having a good time with the film last week. The dialogue was fine and Arnold even delivered a perfect "Eff you" at one point, which was great.


  7. Again, we don't agree on the definition of the term B-movie. A B-movie is first and foremost (but not only) characterized by low production values.

    Sorry, I thought you meant IJ4... I misread that. You were talking about Independence Day! Well, that's very difficult. I'm inclined to think just about everything Roland Emmerich does is a B-movie... just because the movies are so stupid.

    You just contradicted yourself. You said you define a B-movie by it's low production values and then say Emmerich makes B-movies because they are stupid. So which is it?

    We've been debating that films like Jurassic Park and Independence Day are B-movies with A-budgets.


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