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  1. Its nice that they release old scores but most (80%?) of them are scores from movies that i (and many other people) dont know about and never been talked about here EVER.

    Maybe instead of saying, "I've never heard that, I'm not interested" maybe you should say, "This could be interesting, let me look into it". The spoiled attitude of "I don't know it, I don't care" and "It's something not by my favorite composer" is getting old.


  2. They still should have tracked "On the Tank" into "Belly of the Steel Beast" as it is in the movie. Number 27 on my list of things they did wrong on the Indiana Jones release.

    I can see why some people would want that, but I don't agree.

    Obviously JW recorded those cues separately. I don't want a TPM UE-like edit of those cues.

    I mean, you can't have it both ways. :P

    "Desert Chase" is three cues combined (and then edited). ;)


  3. I was just looking at the rules. Look what I found!

    "10 - DO NOT 'copy and paste' CD/film reviews or full interviews that can be found online. You may provide a link to the original page instead."

    I guess that settles that.


    09 - DO NOT post unofficial/unconfirmed news as if they were official or confirmed. There is a big difference between an unconfirmed RUMOR and an official report. Always verify your sources.

    Of course you'd never do that now would you Neil... (I'm talking about the Indy box speculation)


    I think I'll subscribe to this thing though. The idea of having all the back issues is actually rather appealing.

    I never did that. I posted my opinion on what I thought the set would be based on all of the available information at the time (poorly worded press releases that were open to interpretation).


  4. It's not all liner notes PR fluff! I do wish he'd been a little more candid, but there are definitely some answers to your questions in the article.

    But it's your five bucks!

    Well, ten bucks for me anyway. I might give it a buy if it means access to the magazine archives. All those juicy Goldsmith articles.


    First off, it's $60 for me, because they only take Paypal for yearly subscriptions. So because of Marc's policy, that's how much I have to pay to legally read this interview.

    Combine that with the ban on discussing DVD-ripping and even mentioning torrents. *ahem*, I invite the board's policy to travel forward to 2008 and the real world. Let me make this crystal clear: I am not trying to deprive anyone of their earnings. I just wish people would realise they can't control everything we do, and by relaxing the rules a little bit, people can make more money and everyone gets the content they want, how they want it.

    Explain the part about how "people can make more money."

    Yeah, I seem to have missed something in that statement, too.


  5. Regardless, it's not used in the movie (someone else must not like it either) and it sounds like hell. So basically the one film overlap that wasn't necessary is the one they put on this set, ignoring all of the TOD overlaps.


    Look, your prior excuse was that it was not meant to be like that since 'Raiders march' was an isolated concert arrangement. You are now looking for more excuses to please your vision, even if it contradicts Williams' (Vintage Williams no less)

    And I highly doubt that Williams could compose something that sound like hell in his 'vintage era'

    And please, what kind of excuse 'its not used in the movie' is?

    Alien score must be a big pile of sh*t with that reasonement.

    Did you even bother to read his post or do you over react to everything that criticizes Lucasfilm and Williams?

    You'd think by now I'd be used to Manuel's overly critical responses to many of my posts, but he still manages to bug me. Perhaps it's because he jumps on one thing I have to say in a post and then micro analyzes it to death. This has been going on for years.

    I've been clear throughout this thread (and the other Indy thread) that I don't think the transition works and I don't think I'm alone in that opinion. The fact that it's not presented that way in the film (when most of Williams's score otherwise was presented intact) or the previous album also reinforces my belief that others don't think this is one of Williams's better transitions.


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