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  1. Unfortunately this thread - a valuable resource - has become a bit of a mess....the result, I think, of the original artwork site that Neil used going down permanenetly (or moving), and board upgrades that have made many posts difficult to make sense of due to mulitple quotes no longer showing up as quotes.....

    ....no chance of a bit of a clean-up, is there?


    That sounds like a huge waste of time and energy.


  2. Can you pre-order it?

    They say "mixed in Pro-Tools" .Is this from actual stereo tapes of they made fake stereo?

    I thought FSM said the stereo masters were destroyed...

    Genuine stereo. It was a thrill to discover this.


    Where were they discovered?

    At my desk as I was listening to the new transfer we got from Fox.


  3. I've said many times that I would really like it if the labels could come up with, at the very least, a 3 or 4 month calendar of upcoming releases.

    This post from the FSM board is worth repeating here.


    This is why we do not post information about our releases before they are about to come out. Please do not ask about liner notes, artwork, track listing, etc... We are still in the final approval process. All will be revealed in due time. We revealed all we could at this time. Please respect the process.

    Thank you.



  4. What caused them to get separated?

    Who knows? You're dealing with one of the largest media libraries in the world. That they can find this stuff at all is a testament to their system. The best news is that everything that was needed was found for everyone to enjoy on this new album.

    And no, I don't actually know what was on those tapes (this was Mike's project). Through research some recording dates were found with no corresponding material and I knew the right person to call to get it.


  5. Bond on Blu isn't something I'm interested in investing in at the moment. They haven't been selling well, no wonder at the prices they're charging. I'll probably just buy a select few of them separately, in other words, just Goldeneye.

    Due to various sales and well timed Amazon gift certificates (earned by using an Amazon card) I've never paid more than $2.50 for a Bond film on Blu-ray, and I have them all, including Never Say Never Again.


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