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  1. By having Sulu screw up and delay the Enterprise joining the rest of the fleet saved the ship from being immediately destroyed. And not to derail this thread, I love everything about the Hanover Street album. Neil
  2. I always wonder why people have to add this particular phrase? "duuhh somebody's to stupid to ask the allmighty google, so I have to show him what a great guy I am in telling how big I am...." seriously I don't get it. May be he didn't know about this site. Neil
  3. Correct. "Sic" indicates that an error has been made but it's being retained. In this case it should be "Duel" not "Dual". It means the author is aware an error was made by someone else. Neil
  4. Sometimes when you hear that something is the best all the time your expectations do get built up. I hope you continue onto season 2 though, as I did recently with the Blu-ray set. There are some really good ones to look forward to. I won't name them though, for fear of making them seem too good. I hope you enjoy it though. I will say I don't think there is anything as bad as "The Alternative Factor" in season 2, but some get close. <_< Neil
  5. My only guess for why Trek III was shuffled around could be because it's called "The Search for Spock" and in the very first scene they found him. Thanks for playing everyone. Bye-bye!! Neil
  6. Star Trek III's chronology was shuffled around in post-production. The shooting script started with the Grissom arriving at Genesis (which is why it's the only sequence in the movie with an on-screen stardate). They find Spock's coffin and report back to Starfleet. That's how everyone knows that Spock is on Genesis. In the final edit, Kirk asks to go back to Genesis before the coffin is discovered! Neil
  7. My mom really likes Captain Nemo and the Underwater City and Whose Life Is It Anyway?. Neil
  8. I'm sure he means 200 left at La-La Land. Other distributors probably have copies to sell once La-La Land is sold out. For instance they sold out of Airplane! very quickly, but Screen Archives still has new copies for sale. Neil
  9. The composers are no longer with us on most of the albums on which I work. I did work closely with Arthur B. Rubinstein on "Whose Life Is It Anyway?" and he had very specific requests for the presentation, and who was I to debate the composer of the music? Neil
  10. Apple Lossless and AAC at 128 kbps. I rip the CD once and then use iTunes to convert the lossless files to AAC. The lossless files are for listening on my stereo and the AACs are for my iPod. Smart Playlists in iTunes makes sure I don't see an album twice. I have two 1 TB drives. One is my main drive and the other is the back up. Neil
  11. For whatever reason the previous thread discussing Intrada's new Back to the Future CD became corrupt and the last page would not open for me, despite trying it with different browsers on different machines. I kept getting the same error message, "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/vhosts/jwfan.com/httpdocs/forums/admin/sources/classes/bbcode/custom/defaults.php on line 690" whatever that means. Anyway, the discussion can hopefully continue in this thread. Neil
  12. I'm getting the following error when attempting to view page 4 of this thread" "Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /var/www/vhosts/jwfan.com/httpdocs/forums/admin/sources/classes/bbcode/custom/defaults.php on line 690"
  13. That statement is not entirely correct. The Varese album recorded cues from the earlier sessions! Neil
  14. If you're implying he scored a movie with a different lead actor that would be incorrect. Silvestri wrote a score for the movie that was recorded. He then went back and re-worked the cues and re-recorded the score. The details on why this happened are covered in the liner notes. The casting change was not the reason for this. Neil
  15. I had no inside knowledge or photos from Trek until that trailer showed up (though I could be seen in some spy photos posted on AICN). Until I showed up in that trailer, I didn't even know if you could see me in the movie, though I suspected it would be possible, because I got such a great seat. And if you watch one of the special features on Disc 2 (I think it's the casting one) they talk about the day we filmed that scene, with Nimoy on the set. It was really an awesome experience. And yes, I got to see Nimoy in Spock make up. Neil
  16. That march is the "End Title", disc 2, track 9 of the box set. Neil
  17. Joe's list is nice, but where are Amok Time or Mirror, Mirror? Space Seed is a mediocre episode at best. It's only popular because of Trek II. Neil
  18. Why are the arrows on the cover of the Blu-ray pointing south and east? Neil
  19. No, that honor belongs to "The Alternative Factor". Neil
  20. I've been re-watching the show in airdate order, but only because that's how the Blu-rays are presented. Production order probably makes more sense though. You don't really have to worry about continuity but you can appreciate the progression of the series that way. Enjoy! Neil
  21. Perfect. And from my seat I could see all the unique percussion being performed, including the piano runs, which was cool. And the pace was just right. Someone in the audience really liked it, shouting out "Yeah!" as soon as it was over. Neil
  22. I was there last night. I had a unique seat, right behind the percussion section, facing Williams. While I wouldn't recommend that vantage point for every concert, it was cool to say I did it. The program was great and I had a good time at the show. Neil
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