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  1. Plus, what need is there really for a 4th Indy adventure? Sure, we all want to see more of Indy. I want to see more of Indy.

    I remember a time when I wanted to see more Star Wars films.

    To sort of quote Mr. Spock from "Amok Time", "You may find that having is not so great a pleasure as wanting."


  2. It seemed like a lot was cut out from it.

    I didn't have the problems that you had with it, but there must have been a sequence cut out where his face goes back to normal. Dr. Eddie said he'd go through extreme pain, and that seems to be the set-up for an event we never see. One minute his face is distorted and in the next scene, he's back to normal.

    I'm also having a minor problem with the films internal logic. The murder of Leo Crow is not pre-meditated, Cruise even says he doesn't know him. This makes it a crime of passion, which the pre-cogs can't see that far in advance. It could be argued that because Cruise finds out about the murder (he has the "luxury" of seeing the future, which none of the other murderer's do) that once he finds out he's going to kill, he sets everything in motion, and this is how the pre-cogs can see it, but that just brings up a huge paradox. It makes my head sore just thinking about it. Best to just enjoy the movie, which is very easy to do.


  3. I don't think a petition is necessary. I'm sure everyone from the record companies to LucasFilm and John Williams knows there is a strong demand for these scores. It's probably just a matter of time.


  4. Director - who wonders if Johnny will get the nod for this one or for Catch Me If You Can. (or both)

    Neither. He'll be recognized for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (if it's anywhere near as good as the original).


  5. Goldfinger, Mookraker, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    "He's a f**king mook!"

    -Mean Streets

    Harry, who likes that Indy knows his musical tastes

    Well you seem to prefer large orchestral music (as do I) compared to something a little more ethnic sounding (like The Sum of all Fears). TSWLM is very ethnic sounding at times, with Egyptian music. That doesn't seem to be your style. I could be wrong though.


  6. In my defense, and sort of seeing what Harry likes in terms of music, I still think he should avoid The Spy Who Loved Me. It does have a great title song and I enjoy "Bond '77" and "The Tanker", but it's not a score I would reccomend for someone new to James Bond.

    Harry, have you seen the movies? Perhaps watching them will help you make your decision easier.

    Neil - who has every officially released EON Bond score on pressed CD's

  7. In no particular order:


    On Her Majesty's Secret Service

    You Only Live Twice



    There are more good Bond scores than bad. I would recomend staying away from GoldenEye and The Spy Who Loved Me. I enjoy For Your Eyes Only as well, but that is probably an acquired taste. The same goes for Live and Let Die.

    Okay, to really sum it up, you cannot go wrong with any Bond score by John Barry. It seems that also holds true for the scores by David Arnold.


  8. Morn the point you seem to be missing is that a commercial broadcast is paid for. The studios sell the broadcast rights to networks for huge sums of money, and then the advertisers pay the network to air the movies. That's how they make money. The product being shown on television is paid for and the studio is not losing money.

    Could you imagine the trouble a network would get into if they aired a movie without paying for the rights to air it? That's exactly what is happening with file sharing networks. People are "broadcasting" the content without the permission of the studio or artists. There is no way you can argue that. I'm not saying it's bad, because I've made and shared mp3's of music, but at least I'm not blind to the concept of what's right and wrong. I'm with you, I cannot afford everything, but I've never deluded myself into believing that what I was doing was right.

    Neil - who bought Minority Report today

  9. As soon as I heard Track 7, Eye-Dentiscan, I thought "March of the Villains" from Superman!

    Yes I thought I heard that too! I was in my car at the time, and couldn't quite concentrate, but sure enough, it is very similar to "March of the Villains". :)


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