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  1. Compact Disc World in Cherry Hill had one copy, and now it's mine all mine!!

    I haven't had enough time to really analyze and form an opinion of the score. I'll just say that "Anderton's Great Escape" sounds like the score to a scene depicting a dinosaur running through the streets of Coruscant.


  2. Yeah, I've seen them, but never considered buying them as I have the deluxe booklet first editions. I think a friend of mine has the newer editions. If I get a chance to get together with him at some point I'll have to do a comparison.


  3. It's interesting that they had to reconstruct the cue from little bits and pieces from other takes. I think they did a fantastic job in the end. I couldn't even tell it was editted!

    Yes, it was a fantastic job assembling the score back together. I love that CD so much.

    And naturally, after the album was released all of the original masters were found and utilized for the restoration of Superman. Now the ultimate release would be using those new 6 track masters and releasing the complete score again as a DVD-A.

    As much as I love "The Big Rescue" I still think my favorite "new" cue on the album is "StarShip Escapes".


  4. The SFX could stand to be beefed up, though. The matte work with the jeep running off the matte-cliff in Raiders was obvious.

    I'm going to disagree with that. I'm not blind to the film because it's my favorite, but the shot in question looks fine. Spectacular even. Digital could not help it in anyway. The 2 shots of the jeep going over the edge are perfect effects. They are short enough that we don't get grasp that they are effects (this is only apparent with repeated viewings), and they look so good that for the time that they are on screen, we believe it's real.


  5. They could've sent it to ILM for some help on the SFX

    Several effects were re-composited for the recent restoration.


    Before the restoration of the film, this shot was always a big complaint for Superman fans, because to assist in the compositing of effects, Reeve's costume was more greenish than blue. Time was running out for the post production crew, and this and a hand full of shots were not able to be "timed" properly. The restoration crew were able to make this shot correct, the way it was always intended, with the costume being the correct colors.

    The only shot in the film to be completely re-done was the shot of Superman in the clouds ("It is forbidden for you to interfere with human history....it is forbidden...it is forbidden...forbidden"). The individual elements for that shot did not hold up (the negative apparently for the whole film was in pretty bad shape) and this scene was completely re-done utilizing the original elements, but composited digitally, so additional grain was not an issue.


  6. The 2 CD set of Superman - The Movie is a must have in any Williams collection, especially if you enjoy the music. The single CD set is very good (I still listen to it) but the 2 disc set is even better. Practically every track on the single disc was edited in some way, while the 2 disc set is complete. You've heard a little more than half of the actual score. Superman gets my highest recommendation.


  7. OH and Spiderman is STILL a better film than Supes. Sorry Joe.

    I prefer Superman. It's a better made film. It actually convinces you that the hero on screen really is flying. Joe said it best when he described that first scene of Christopher Reeve flying past the camera in the Fortress of Solitude, and he was absolutely right. The film promised that "You'll believe a man can fly" and in that scene, they proved it. You saw Christopher Reeve actually flying.

    Spider-Man never once tricked us into believing that was Tobey Maguire swinging through the city. It always looks artificial.

    Now I'm not saying that special effects make Superman better, but that is a fundamental difference between the 2 films. The realism. But there is more to it. The acting in Superman is superior, even though Spider-Man is also well acted. But watch that scene in Lois' penthouse when Clark is standing there by himself, almost ready to tell Lois he's Superman. All Reeve does is take off his glasses, and change his posture and voice slightly and he became Superman right in front of us. It's a seriously over looked performance.

    Superman also has the better script. Both films handle the characters origins well, but Spider-Man tends to lose steam after that. At least it did for me. I'm still trying to figure out the Green Goblins purpose in that film, beyond being a pain in the neck towards Spider-Man. Superman had a plot, and Luthor's scheme (destroying California by using hijacked nuclear missles) was very evident. It's one of the great capers in film.

    In the end, Superman was an epic film, designed to be immensely entertaining. The filmmakers succeeded with that goal. Superman is as great today as it was 23 1/2 years ago. We'll have to see how Spider-Man holds up.


    P.S. Superman - The Movie also has a better score than Spider-Man. :tongue2:

  8. Harry, if you want a really cool album, check out the new Varese CD of, Omen 2. This is the only album that I know of that offers 2 completely different recordings on 1 album. It has the music that was recorded for the film in L.A. and it has the original soundtrack album that was recorded in England. Its a fabulous CD, and it's one of Goldsmith's best main titles.


  9. I saw Superman - The Movie on September 15, 2001 when my theater got one of the new prints to show. Unfortunately, the weekend we planned to show the film was the week of the attack on the World Trade Center, so the attendance wasn't quite what I was hoping it to be.

    I previewed the print the night before we showed it to the public, and it was amazing! We showed it in our biggest theater (40 foot wide curved screen) and in Dolby Digital! The print was new and was flawless. When the credits were playing, I was choked up beyond belief. It is my 3rd favorite film (only Raiders and Star Wars beat it) and to finally see it in a theater was really a dream come true.


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