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  1. Why hasn't anyone attacked Barbara Bach? She played Anya Amasova in The Spy Who Loved Me. We're supposed to believe that this hot 19 year old is a spy as good as Bond? That's no more outrageous than believing Denise Richards is a nuclear physicist, and Ms. Bach was just as wooden as Ms. Richards, I just think Denise Richards is a lot better looking.

    Now, getting back on topic.......I just watched the full trailer in the theater. Very cool! And I didn't even have to watch Scooby Doo to see it.


  2. You guys are no fun.

    In Jaws when they cut open the tigershark, a licence plate is pulled out with the numbers "007" on it. This was Spielbergs homage to the Bond series, as he wanted to direct a Bond film but couldn't.

    In Deep Blue Sea the same licence plate is found at one point.


  3. Do either of you have the Maureen McGovern version?

    Of course. Last year when my theater showed Superman - The Movie I made a special compilation disc and this was the first track on it. :)

    Also, I always thought the line was "I'm a fool" not "or a fool". Time to turn on those DVD subtitles!


  4. Here's my Raiders story. I don't remember the exact date I saw the film, but it was during the initial run in 1981, and probably not that long after opening. I was 4 years old at the time, and my dad took me to the theater to see it. I remember it being very crowded and I distinctly remember the audience shrieking during the climax, particularly when Toht's face melts. During that part, this little 4 year old leaned over to his dad and asked them, "How'd they do that?". I have not been the same since. :)

    Raiders is the movie that made me fall in love with film. Maybe that biases me when I say its the greatest film ever made, but to me, nothing can top it.


  5. I prefer Spartacus love theme to Superman's

    It's easy to write lyrics to the "Love Theme from Spartacus".



    Won't you please,

    Give me a kiss?




    Neil - who coincidentally has been listening to Spartacus a lot lately. Damn I'd love to have the whole thing, presented like Cleopatra.

  6. No man, and in fact that is one of my favourite parts of the movie. And the Stormtrooper is so good, and that was 1997.

    Threepio said it perfectly in Mos Eisley as that fake looking CG stormtrooper dismounted the dewback.

    "I don't like the look of this."


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