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  1. It may just be me, but I think of a rerecording of something by Williams as fake Williams music.  I don't think of it as the real thing because I know that he isn't there conducting and making sure it sounds the way he wants it to.


    That's a very bizarre way of looking at things. "Fake Williams"? It's the same music, just a different interpretation. And believe me, I've heard recordings that are superior to Williams' originals. Gerhardts Empire Strikes Back is a perfect example. McNeely's Jaws is also a wonderful album.

    I agree with Hector's view on this. Music is designed to not only be listened to but also to be performed.

    Harry, you should seek out some of these albums and make an informed decision. It certainly is not "fake Williams". I think you'll find them to be wonderful and far superior to that Star Wars Trilogy album on Sony, that was conducted by the real Williams.


  2. I'm interested in hearing it, though I've heard some bad things about it. It's Horner, and I don't much care for modern Horner. I thought (okay hoped) that since the movie had been delayed for a year, maybe he'd have extra time to compose and come up with something original as oppoosed to what he's been churning out the last couple of years. From the review that I read though, apparently its just more of the same.


  3. Is JAWS 2 good and worth buying?

    Yes, especially if you can find it. It's now out of print.

    As for the original Jaws, I have all three albums. The original that Joe praises (and rightly so), the expanded release and the Varese re-recording, which is fantastic, and the only Jaws album in chronological order.


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