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  1. To me, Superman - The Movie is the best film available on DVD. That's my pick. Plus, as a Williams fan, the score has never sounded better, particularly on the isolated 5.0 music channel. It's a pity that it has all the edits to correspond to the movie. :(


  2. And if it were a clone he should also have the Force and then be sensed by the jedi.

    I think this is where the dreaded Midichlorians would come into play. It's possible that the clone (Palpatine) does not have a symbiotic relationsihp with Midichlorians. Of course this is all fanboy speculation, but it seems to fit.


  3. A friend of mine was at the "Star Wars Celebration II" convention and he said that he saw the soundtrack to Attack of the Clones for sale on LP. Does anybody know anything about this? I haven't seen it anywhere, and I'd love to get it. Thanks!


  4. Even then, you'd still have problems with the scene. It is much better without any Vader shuttle. All we need is some quick dialogue, like prepare my shuttle, to know enough about what is happening.

    Agreed. Interrupting the rebel's escape from Bespin was a big mistake.


  5. I want to see Darth Sidious take off his hood in one of the final scenes and reveal himself to be Palpatine. Then the biggest baddest most evil version of the Darkside/Emperor Theme plays yet! ooooOOOOOoooooo

    Okay, I'm going out on a limb here with this one, but I think I have a pretty good theory. A friend and I came up with this.

    Palpatine is a clone of Sidious. This is what will be revealed in Episode III. Sidious is using Palpatine to get control of everything, while he remains safely hidden from the Jedi. Once everything is in Palpatine's control, Sidious will kill Palpatine and declare himself Emperor.


  6. I found it and bought it in a Barnes and Nobles

    Joe probably knows this, but it seems to me that Barnes and Noble has an awesome soundtrack section. Pretty much anything reasonable I can think of, I can find there (no Cherry 2000 I'm afraid :) ). The only problem is they are a little pricey.


  7. Add me to the list of people that miss Weebo. We traded mp3's quite a bit. He helped me get a lot of cool stuff, but perhaps maybe he went a little too far with what he shared. I hope he's just really busy right now though and that he'll be back soon.


  8. Count Dooku's "old person scooter"  


    First of all, the effect of him riding it really stands out. He doesn't seem to match the shot. Also, it looks like the little scooter you see senior citizens riding on in the supermarket, something an all powerful Jedi wouldn't be caught dead on.

    Of course, Darth Maul flew around on a lame ass moped, so maybe Dark Jedi like to ride on dorky vehicles.


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