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  1. You know that was a big problem I had with the movie. Jango Fett is it great big bounty hunter and he bring's along his little kid with curly brown hair named Buba.

    And that kid had some awful dialogue, too. "Get him, dad! Get him! Fire!!"

    Neil - who wishes Jango's head had fallen out when Boba picked up the helmet :mrgreen:

  2. Thank God he ended being Sarlacc food

    Yeah, what a great way to kill of the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. :roll:

    Neil - who left "Baby Boba Fett" off his list of problems with Attack of the Clones

  3. Star Wars is the best because, as Joe said, it can stand on its own. All of the sequels and prequels depend on what was established initially with Star Wars. If I could only watch Star Wars for the rest of my life, I wouldn't complain. At least it tells a self contained story.

    If only Vader hadn't have lived at the end.......

    Neil - who thinks the music in the sequels is the best thing about them

  4. You would mix an action scene with a death scene.

    Plenty of characters have died in action scenes. Remember Biggs? Lukes best friend? Died during the assault on the Death Star. Remember Qui-Gon Jinn? He died fighting Darth Maul.

    Anything would have been better than Anakin just finding her and then having her die.


  5. Lucas as a director has a tendency to rush importsant scenes and stretch out the less intereresting ones.  

    just look at ANH.

    Star Wars won an Oscar for best editing. It's a very well paced film. Only in the SE does Lucas tend to linger on the unimportant aspects (like the whole new approach to Mos Eisley).

    Take for instance these scenes from the original cut of Star Wars

      Luke talking to Ben in the hutt. "No, my father didn't fight in the wars. He was a navigator on a spice frieghter."Greedo first holding up Han in the cantina
      Immediately after the Greedo scene it cuts to the Death Star and apparently into the middle of a conversation Darth Vader is having with Tarkin. "Her resistance to the mind probe is considerable. It will be some time before we can extract any information from her."
        A friend of mine pointed all of this out to me. Star Wars seems to cut in on the middle of conversations, so that we only need to see and hear the important parts. Attack of the Clones does not do this. It lingers on the unimportant stuff (Obi-Wan sitting in the Jedi archives after his conversation with the librarian) and it skips over the important stuff, such as Anakin's arm being cut off.
  6. I agree Indysolo, but it makes up for it with like Shmi's death and the arena, has many great scenes.

    Hector mentioned to me something someone said about Shmi's death that I totally agree with. Anakin and Shmi should have been escaping from the sand people, with Anakin fighting them off out of the camp. Along the way, a sand person should have killed Shmi. This could have been a much needed action scene in the film (as opposed to the horrible conveyor belt sequence, which was a late addition to the movie), and would have been a much more satisfying death for Shmi. Very few people seem to like her dying just as Anakin gets there.


  7. ******SPOILERS******

    That's right, no suspense. Are we worried when Anakin is sneaking around the Tusken camp? Do we care when all the Jedi are surrounded by Dooku's battle droids, almost to the brink of surrender? No! And why? Because the film is so poorly written and made, we don't care about the characters.

    Another case in point. There is no time to care that Anakin just had his arm cut off. It happens so fast, it doesn't register, unlike Luke having his hand cut off, where there was dramatic music, and the editing lingered long enough on it that the audience could soak in what just happened. That and we also cared about Luke. Anakin is a boring character.


  8. what did Spiderman get in it's first 4 days?

    Spider-Man did $114 million in 3 days as opposed to Attack of the Clones which did that in 4 days.

    Spider-Man set another record this weekend, as it had the best third week ever of any movie, dis-placing Titanic. It will also be the fastest movie to make $300 million, beating the record set by The Phantom Menace.


  9. If you want to go back to JWFan.net, just click the big JWFan.net in the upper left hand corner.

    Conor :music:   Not trying to sound snobby

    That only takes me back to the main bulletin board page.

    Stefancos- who had a very big avatar of Kira  up today, but the "man" removed it.

    Thank god! :devil:


  10. I'd need a Laserdisc player first in order to play Laserdiscs... :lol:  

    Marian - who paid a lot for his DVD player.

    For shame, not having a laser disc player. I've had one now for at least 11 years, and I love the format. I can watch legit versions of The Star Wars Trilogy and The Indiana Jones Trilogy as well as the original versions of Superman - The Movie and Star Trek - The Motion Picture.


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